Glasses-free reading experience with PIPCL

Presbyopic implantable phakic contact lens surgery (PIPCL) is a simple and quick procedure that lasts a lifetime – or until cataracts develop.

After the age of 40, some of us will start to struggle with reading. We find ourselves holding our reading materials or even smartphones further away to get a better look.

Perhaps growing up, we’ve seen our elders do it and chalked it up to a rite of passage and resigned ourselves to reading glasses when the time comes.

Take, for example, a professional who is always on the go and constantly reading emails, messages and even a book for leisure.

This active individual – let’s call her Sarah – would rely on her eyesight to get through her day with gruelling demands from work and home.

From a seemingly endless to-do list for her home to hundreds of emails for work, Sarah started to notice that she had difficulty making out words at close range when she was in her 40s.

Like most people, she picked up a pair of reading glasses only to discover that she needed to frequently change them when there was a power increase or when she misplaced them.

Not accustomed to wearing glasses from a young age, she often forgets to bring along, annoyed by the fogging up with the temperature change and when wearing a face mask

According to VISTA Eye Specialist chief consultant ophthalmologist, Dr Aloysius Joseph Low, this could be presbyopia which naturally occurs as we age and hit the big 4-0.

A natural part of ageing, he says, happens when our eye lens becomes less flexible with age –not to be confused with farsightedness or longsightedness, which is affected by the size of the eyeball.

Some would find it a hassle of wearing and removing glasses just to read.

VISTA Eye Specialists share a safe and effective long-term solution for improving the hassle of wearing reading glasses, ideal for those living an active lifestyle.

This solution is known as the presbyopic implantable phakic contact lens surgery (PIPCL). In the market worldwide since 2014 and available in many parts of Europe and Asia, PIPCL graced local shores in 2019.

Dr Low says that before the PIPCL surgery, people with reading vision problems would opt for reading glasses, contact lens or Lasik monovision correction.

This surgery does not remove any cornea tissue, hence giving you great vision almost instantly.

PIPCL would also improve depth perception and less glare and halos for better night vision. Furthermore, this procedure does not induce dry eyes, making it suitable for patients with pre-existing dry eye problems.

Furthermore, the PIPCL lens is customisable. Therefore, patients need to undergo a pre-operative eye examination to check their eye power and overall eye health.

With this simple and quick surgery, patients would be able to see without the need for glasses at all distances – far, intermediate and near – solving multiple problems simultaneously.

Better yet, this procedure should last for a lifetime – or until cataracts develop – and is reversible with a fast recovery rate.

VISTA Eye Specialist shared that this procedure might just be for you if you have a problem with near vision. Suitability for the procedure includes sufficient anterior chamber depth (ACD), not at risk of any eye disease such as glaucoma and most importantly, deemed suitable by an ophthalmologist after a comprehensive eye examination.

However, those who have passed the age of 55 or are not suitable for this surgery may consider a refractive lens exchange (RLE) or cataract surgery after consulting an ophthalmologist.

Thanks to modern medical advances, it is now possible to continue to live your life glasses-free, with clear reading vision, feeling young again.

This article is brought to you by VISTA Eye Specialist.

Get your eyes checked today at VISTA Eye Specialist. Visit and get a new lease of sight with the PIPCL to correct your reading problem. To book an appointment, call 1800 88 3937 or email

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