Let MM2H dependants continue with their existing visa

WHILE the terms and regulations of the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme are under discussion for existing MM2H visa holders and future applicants, consideration should be given to the dependants of current principal visa holders.

It is my understanding that under the current terms, in the event of the death of the principal visa holder, the dependant must make an entirely new application and await approval to continue residing in Malaysia.

This is not reasonable, especially if the visa at the time of the principal’s death has many years left to run, but more especially if the dependants are required to meet the proposed new terms.

The dependent should be able to continue with the visa for the time left, and then be able to renew the visa.

They should not be required to make a new application and then wait months for approval.

The loss of a partner is stressful enough without having to go through the process of a new MM2H application, especially under the new proposed terms.

There have been enough surveys and negative reaction to the new terms from many quarters to illustrate that very few people would qualify for MM2H status or be interested in applying for it and being in Malaysia.

Existing MM2H visa holders should be able to renew their visas under the same terms, as was understood when they were granted MM2H status originally, and not be required to reapply for MM2H under the vastly inflated new terms.

WARREN ROOKE , George Town

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