Blame the system, not the nurses

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  • Thursday, 30 May 2019

I WOULD like to enlighten the writer of the letter “Family members doing the nurse’s job” (The Star, May 25) in my capacity as a former nurse and now as a customer of the nursing service.

I will not deny that what she has observed is true. Instead, I would like the Finance Ministry, Public Service Department and Health Ministry to explain why there are so many graduate nurses working in KFC outlets and other places when they are really needed in our overcrowded public hospitals.

Why are there more than 60 people in a ward meant for 24, and staffed by nurses meant to look after 24 patients?

Why do nurses now have to perform double shifts? The health of both the nurses and their patients is not being taken into consideration.

Why do our nurses have to fill so many forms for surveys and research when their time would be better spent on caring for patients?

Computers are meant to make life easier, but time is spent keying in data. I do not understand how this will help nurses in performing their duties professionally and efficiently.

I constantly hear remarks about nurses being the backbone of the Health Ministry, but are they being given any appreciation? When the posts of head of nursing institutions are given to non-nursing personnel, how is the nursing profession expected to improve and progress?

The writer should not blame the poor nurses but the current system and also try to understand what the nurses have to undergo.

Malaysia still has the best medical and nursing facilities in the world. If you don’t believe me, just go to Indonesia and you will understand. However, we do need some improvements.




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