QuickCheck: Is your WiFi router affected if certain objects are nearby?

WORKING from home has become the norm, thanks to the restrictions introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic lock-downs. This means stable Internet connectivity at home has become topmost priority to ensure timely completion of our daily tasks. Poor speed simply will not do.

But unlike the office, our home has far more clutter, such as our personal belongings and other household items.

Do these objects have an impact on Internet speed and our WiFi router?



Where you place your router and what objects are found near it will affect your Internet speed.

Certain home appliances which emit waves are known to interfere with the wireless signal.

They include Bluetooth adapters, cordless phones, microwave ovens, baby monitors and thin metal layers found in mirrors.

Physical barriers inside your house too, will exert some influence on your router performance.

Objects such as thick walls and bodies of water like fish tanks may impede the signal strength.

Concrete and masonry walls, as well as ones made of timber, are also known to reduce WiFi signal.

Large metal objects, heat sources, moisture, dust and extreme cold could pose a similar impact on Internet speed.

Poor placement of the WiFi router also plays a role in its performance.

Ideally, the router should be centrally placed to ensure a uniform signal strength throughout the premises.

If none of these tips manage to buff up your Internet speed, it is perhaps time to review your package and consider a new subscription.


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