Wu Chun delights fans with photos of his kids

WU Chun (pic), the Brunei-born singer, who was once a member of the popular Taiwanese boy group Fahrenheit, has delighted his fans with pictures of his children.

Sin Chew Daily reported that he recently posted photos online of his eight-year-old daughter in school, noting that her school had allowed parents to be there the entire day.

This, he said, had led to him reminiscing about his own student days.

“How I wish I am still a student,” he wrote, as he looked at a group of children in the field.

He also uploaded a photo of him accompanying his daughter in class.

As for his five-year-old son Max, he was seen in another posting that showed him learning to bake. The boy was also seen eating his own made muffin.

> A woman found a RM5 note in her packet of nasi lemak that she ate for breakfast, reported Oriental Daily.

She posted the happy discovery on social media. According to her, she bought the nasi lemak from a stall in Kota Tinggi, Johor.

It was tasty, she said, adding that she soon noticed the RM5. In her post, she jokingly asked whether the seller was doing charity as the food was not just cheap but that she had also gotten RM5 in return.

> A 34-year-old man in France claimed that he came down with leptospirosis after finding a dead rat in a can of soda.

China Press reported that the man known as Damien had bought a pizza and the fizzy drink at a shop near his workplace.

He filed a complaint to the soda manufacturer, which then gave him six bottles of the drink as compensation.

Apparently, he also claimed that the company had sent him a letter to explain that it was unlikely that a rat could get into the can during the manufacturing process.

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