More than 500 illegal immigrants rounded up since end of amnesty programme

SEPANG: More than 500 illegal immigrants have been rounded up since the end of the 3+1 amnesty programme, said Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali.

The Immigration department director-general said more than 5,000 foreigners have been checked nationwide resulting in the arrests of over 500 illegals.

"We are fulfilling our pledge that we will go all out to nab illegal immigrants after the expiry of the amnesty programme.

"There will not be an extension to the deadline," he told reporters at Ops Mega 3.0 operation at a glove making factory in Sepang on Saturday.

He said Ops Mega 3.0 has started at the stroke of midnight on Aug 31.

"We have deployed all our enforcement personnel nationwide to ensure the success of the ops.

"We have given ample chances for illegal immigrants to come forward, through trhe rehiring programme and the amnesty programme.

"The whitening effort has ended and now it's all out enforcement," he said.

On the ops at the glove making factory in Sepang, Mustafar said more than 1,500 foreign workers are being checked.

"We will get the latest statistics on how many of them are illegal immigrants," he said.

A female Immigration grantion  personnel was also injured in pursuit of illegal immigrants at the factory, he added.

"Immigration personnel work day and night to ensure the laws are enforced, often at their own risk," he said.


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