Transgender woman does surgery to become man again

A cosmetics millionaire who underwent surgery to become a transgender woman recently did another surgery to remove his breast implant and become a man again. Safiuddin Ilias, 22, said he contemplated the reconstructive surgery since December last year before finally deciding on doing it last Saturday at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital. He updated his Facebook status, saying he hoped others would not use his transformation to bash the transgender community.

>Boy's skull cracks after being hit by ceiling's wooden beams
A 10-year-old boy could only scream in agony after a wooden beam of his house suddenly collapsed on him, leaving the boy with a fractured skull. It is believed that the incident at Kampung Bakar Sampah in Kedah, was caused by a 100-year-old durian tree, which fell and damaged the house. Ammar Ashraf Mohamad Zamri was watching television in the living room with his younger brother while his mother, Norhamidah Ismail, was cooking in the kitchen when the incident happened at 7.30pm last Saturday. The zinc roof fell and hurt Norhamidah on her shoulder as she ran to save her children. "I heard some noises like tree branches breaking, and suspected that the tree would fall. I quickly went to get the kids but it happened too fast," she recalled of the incident. She did not know Ammar was seriously injured as he could still talk. It was only after they safely evacuated from the house and received help from neighbours that she saw the boy was bleeding on his head.

>Rape suspect caught again after going into hiding
A foreign worker, who allegedly raped a four-year-old girl but later was released by two policemen, was detained after he went into hiding for three days. Sources said the police tracked him down at a residential area in Sungai Buloh at about 5pm on Sunday. The man was caught by residents in Kg Kubu Gajah, Sungai Pelong in Sungai Buloh on Thursday after he allegedly raped the girl. However, the two policemen allegedly release the suspect after the girl's mother, an illegal immigrant, failed to lodge a report for fear of being arrested. The policemen, who were being investigated for negligence, have been suspended pending investigations.

>Kay Tse takes a break from her singing career
Hong Kong Cantopop singer Kay Tse On-kei would take a break from her singing career to focus on her family. The 39-year-old artiste announced this during her concert in Hong Kong on Friday, She did not state how she would be away. Tse, who married to Hong Kong artiste Louis Cheung, said it would be good to get pregnant again before turning 40. The couple, who married in 2007, has a nine-year-old son, James Cheung.


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