Empowering entrepreneurs

University of Reading's Foundation Programmes can set young entrepreneurs on the right path to a future in business. Find out more at University of Reading Malaysia's Open Day this March 17 and 24.


AT THE impressionable age of 18, how does one choose a path that can lead to starting one's own business?

One of the most prestigious British universities in the world, the University of Reading helps to get a business career off to a flying start with its highly regarded Foundation in Business Programme.

This carefully designed course creates the ideal pathway for students who are aiming to undertake an undergraduate degree with the University of Reading.

The one-year intensive course helps prepare young students fresh out of school for the academic and personal challenges of a Bachelor's degree. Students do not need to have A-Levels.

Those who have completed the Programme are guaranteed progression to full degree courses at the university's campus in Malaysia, or in the UK with its internationally renowned Henley Business School. The University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM) is situated within EduCity, an education hub in the southern Malaysian state of Johor.

From Accounting and Finance to Economics, Law and Investment, a broad spectrum of subjects awaits students seeking degree level courses immediately upon completing their Foundation Programme.


Helping hand: Student ambassadors as well as academic staff will be on hand to guide school-leavers seeking to explore education options with University of Reading Malaysia at its Open Day on March 17 and 24.


Options to explore

"I encourage students seeking to explore options in their university education to come visit us during our Open Day to gain a thorough understanding of what they can achieve here with the University of Reading," says Associate Professor Bruce Howell, who is the university's Head of the the Foundation, Study and Language Institute, which delivers the UoRM’s Foundation Programmes.

"A visit enables students to ask questions on what they look forward to here, and see the quality and calibre of our lecturers.

"I'm a prime example of someone who did not have a well thought out career path when I was a youth, as I did a different degree and later on I realised it wasn't the best for me. I took a bit of time to think about what I wanted and eventually did find something I loved, but it also meant that I started my career later."

As such, he urges school-leavers to take the time to visit campuses, talk to lecturers who would play such an influential role in guiding them, and understand their choices.

"I have students who are very certain of what they'd like to do in life, but there are also those who are not sure and are worried. Between the ages of 17 and 20, these are important formative years, and it's when they need to hear that quiet, inner voice telling them what they want to do.

"At 17, I never thought of becoming a teacher and I never had the opportunity to see what it was like. I discovered the joys of teaching much later in life.

"Here at the University of Reading, we encourage our students to have a wide scope of activities to complement their learning abilities and knowledge gain. They have group work and presentations, sports, cultural activities and travelling. Our lecturers are crucial in communicating values to our students alongside knowledge and practical skills.

"And of course, our facilities such as this award-winning architecture for our beautiful, modern campus, serve to enhance and facilitate learning and a sense of community. By the time a student finishes their Foundation Programme, they have a clear idea of what they'd like to do."

The University of Reading's Foundation Programmes taught in Malaysia are the same as those at the UK campus, so students are guaranteed a UK-quality education, which is consistently among the world's best, says Howell.

The module on Academic Skills is unique to the University of Reading to help prepare students for undergraduate studies. High-achieving students are eligible for scholarships.