The 'science-based' makeup contouring trend is believed to give perfect results


A New York-based dermatologist has shared a contouring technique that he says is based on science. Photo: AFP

Made popular by Kim Kardashian in the 2010s, contouring has since given rise to a multitude of techniques, each more innovative – and sometimes offbeat – than the next.

This has been seen with viral trends like the high-coverage rainbow contouring technique, the more creative cup contouring trick and the tape contouring hack, which involves using sticky tape.

But today, it's a method shared by a doctor, Dr Charles Puza, known on social networks as Dr Charles, that's buzzing online.

And with good reason: the dermatologist explains that this tip is based on certain principles of aesthetic beauty, and more broadly, on science.

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Unlike many other beauty techniques spotted on the Chinese social network, this one doesn't have a specific name, but many TikTokers, including some of the site's most influential names in makeup, have already given it their approval.

In fact, the video has topped the three-million-view mark in just over a month on TikTok, and accumulated nearly 170,000 views on Instagram.

To have a go at this contouring trick, simply grab a stick-based product that matches your skin tone, then draw a first line from the outer edge of the nostril to the tragus (the small bump just above the earlobe), and a second line from the outer corner of the eye to the corner of the mouth.

Once you've done that, locate the point of intersection between the two lines, which, according to Dr Charles, should be the most prominent part of the cheek.

Now it's time to draw the actual contouring line, which starts at the tragus and follows the first line, passing through the intersection and then following the second line down to the corner of the mouth. The area below this final line is where you should shade.

Simple as that!

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The dermatologist says that this version of his signature contouring tip is designed to work for women, but he details a separate method for men on his Instagram page.

There's little doubt that a technique like this, validated by a health professional, will quickly catch on and become a must-have of the makeup world. And it might not be the last.

Dr Charles has already announced that he is preparing further videos to share his tips for applying highlighter and blush, and that he will, of course, continue to share his many valuable tips on skin health, which is, after all, his specialty. – AFP Relaxnews

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