A 'foolproof' trick for hiding pimples and blemishes goes viral on social media

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  • Monday, 06 Mar 2023

Makeup artist Mikayla Nogueira has shared her technique for camouflaging blemishes without having to use heavy makeup. Photo: AFP

Makeup artist Mikayla Nogueira has struck again! In a video viewed by a few million people, she presents a makeup tip for camouflaging unseemly pimples that can ruin a day.

All without giving the impression – and herein lies the key – of having makeup on. Brushes at the ready!

Is there anyone who hasn't woken up one morning and been horrified to discover a visible red pimple on their face?

Aside from Kim Kardashian, most of us average humans are subject to the vagaries of certain environmental factors, such as pollution, as well as to the evils of an overly fatty diet, or even more commonly a high dose of stress.

There are so many reasons that our face may break out in imperfections, from blackheads to bright red spots. While it used to be easy to cover up these unwanted eruptions under layers of makeup, it's much trickier to do it in an era where beauty looks are more natural and strive to be "barely there".

An issue that Nogueira is tackling face-on, as she offers her followers a foolproof tip to camouflage a pimple so that the skin appears natural.

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Results in one minute

Known for her skincare and makeup application techniques and methods, Nogueira, followed by nearly 15 million people on TikTok, has revealed her trick in a video that lasts no more than a minute.

The icing on the cake is that she uses no more than three products in total to get rid of what she calls an "unwanted visitor".

"Let me show you how to cover it, I promise it's easy," begins the expert, who – as "luck" would have it – happens to have a bright red pimple above her mouth herself.

Nogueira starts by cleaning the area in focus, the objective being to sanitise the blemish and the entire area surrounding it. Nothing too complicated.

Then, the professional makeup artist takes a green corrector, known to counter redness, and uses a brush to apply a tiny quantity on the imperfection – which indeed starts to disappear.

Nogueira emphasises that you should not be heavy-handed with the corrector at the risk of having a green dot in place of the original pimple.

The final step is to apply concealer, preferably matte and in a jar, which she again dabs on with a brush before blending it with her finger. A tiny dose of loose powder to fix it all in place, and it's done! The blemish seems to have disappeared, without an elaborate beauty routine to mask it.

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Four million views

You may be skeptical when reading this tip, but many TikTok users have expressed their gratitude for this beauty maneuver. In just two days, the video has collected more than 4 million views, with a host of glowing comments.

"That green color corrector made such a difference, great tip!" someone commented.

"This just saved my life!!", said another.

"Wow! Love the final look. So pretty and fresh."

Thousands of comments that can be read below the video.

This isn't the first time – far from it – that the social network star has been racking up the views thanks to her tips and beauty advice. The young woman is one of the people who popularised the "Face Wine" in 2022, honouring a famous French brand, and is at the origin of the "sticky method", a technique also intended to camouflage all kinds of imperfections.

Two beauty innovations that have undoubtedly contributed to growing her community, and allowed her to exceed a billion likes. – AFP Relaxnews

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