If you need to find the 'perfect' lipstick shade, try pinching yourself

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  • Saturday, 17 Dec 2022

A makeup artist shares a trick of finding the perfect lipstick shade on TikTok and it has gone viral. Photo: AFP

What would we do without TikTok? That's the question we ask ourselves every time we spot yet another surprising beauty trick on the social network.

The latest one, which claims to help a person determine their ideal shade of lipstick, just might surprise you.

Are social networks, TikTok in particular, pushing us on an endless quest for perfection? It's a valid question in light of all these tips that suggest there are ideal shades of foundation, blush, lipstick, and eye shadows, for each of us.

That leaves little room for spontaneity, originality, or eccentricity but it is always nice to have a go-to shade.

And so when one of the most famous makeup artists on the planet claims to have a foolproof approach to get the shade of lipstick that best suits your skin, we wanted to check it out.

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With a pinch of a finger

We owe this particular trick to Dutch makeup artist and youtuber Nikkie De Jager, aka Nikkie Tutorials. In fact, the young woman references the video of a TikToker named Unbiden, to test this supposedly infallible technique before sharing it with fans.

The result is that the original video now has more than 15 million views, while her version has more than three million.

A small, possibly fleeting success that should grow in the days and weeks to come as the reactions of the subscribers are full of praise.

In the original video, we see a young woman in a large cosmetics store, in front of the lipstick section.

We can read the message: "Here's how to find the perfect shade of pink lipstick for yourself," while seeing the user pinch the tip of the ring finger.

A gesture that causes, due to the temporary stop in blood circulation, a change in colour of the finger. And that's the shade that would be the one to get in order to have the ideal shade of lipstick.

Skeptical? Nikkie Tutorials was too. At first anyway...

Referencing the original post, the makeup pro is surprised by the effectiveness of such a trick. But she decides to try it out herself to be sure. And surprise surprise, the makeup artist is amazed to discover that the technique allows her to obtain a shade that corresponds to many lipsticks that she already owns.

The expert validates the hack, and shows the result of her makeup look, which mixes three lipsticks of the shade in question.

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Limited options

That's all it took to spark incredulity among her followers, although, let's admit it, the three shades chosen by the makeup artist are rather different from one another.

Some, however, are more sarcastic.

"You have to suffer to be beautiful," says a follower.

Another says: "It is not a match but still looks beautiful."

Anyway, the hack has made the rounds of the Chinese social network in record time.

While we admit that this technique may work for some people, it is limited to pink lipsticks, as one user points out. And moreover it does not work for all skin tones, far from it in fact, since the pink shade can only be obtained for white skin.

A trick that in the end, beyond its surprising aspect, is not suitable for most people. It is also reminiscent of the technique of "natural blush", which was trending more than a year ago, and saw beauty fans pinching their nose and cheeks to get a blush ... without blush. – AFP Relaxnews

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