Achieve perfectly shaped eyebrows with the 'soap brow' beauty trick


Far from being new, the "soap brow" trick has resurfaced on TikTok, much to the delight of its users. Photo: AFP

Do you dream of thick, full and perfectly shaped eyebrows? Then forget gels, mascaras and other products sold in stores and salons, and grab yourself some soap.

Popular with many makeup artists, the "soap brow" technique is (once again) the talk of social networks.

And for good reason, because it's simple, effective and affordable, not to mention time-saving on a daily basis. Here's how it works.

From full eyebrows to thin eyebrows or shaved eyebrows, brow trends come thick and fast and are ever-changing.

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While the noughties have greatly influenced beauty trends in recent months, bringing super-skinny eyebrows back to the forefront, it's clear that men and women are still fond of a natural brow line, which is both thick and full.

All that remains is to tame the hairs so as not to look unkempt throughout the day.

This is something that many mere mortals – who don't care about TikTok trends – no doubt achieve with a brush and gel, if not a slick of mascara. But that's all too classic for users of the Chinese social network, who are always on the lookout for pro tips and hacks.

As a result, the "soap brow" is currently gaining a crowd of followers around the world. The technique has become a kind of perennial favorite over the years, and is certainly not new, re-surfacing every two or three years.

However, it is proving popular at a time when consumers are looking to save time – and money.

What is the 'soap brow'?

The "soap brow" is an age-old makeup technique that uses a bar of soap, or solid soap, to tame and set eyebrows in place. And all in just a few minutes.

Forget the numerous products touted in recent years to get a perfect brow line, as this technique requires only two tools: a brush – or a mascara wand – and a bar of soap.

Note that, before putting this method into practice, the "soap brow" is intended for, or even reserved for, thick and full eyebrows, and is not suitable for 2000s-style skinny brows.

In front of your mirror, all you have to do is take your brush in one hand and the soap in the other.

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So far, so easy. After spraying the soap to moisten it just enough, you get a small amount of product onto the brush and then apply it to your eyebrows.

The idea here is to brush the brow to shape and style it – meticulously – into the desired form until the soap becomes transparent.

In just a few minutes, your brows will be brushed, groomed, and tamed for the entire day. As a final touch, a fixing spray can boost the soap's hold.

The craze for this affordable technique is such that the hashtags #soapbrows and #soapbrow have already scored over 341 and 47 million views on TikTok, respectively.

So why not give it a whirl, and let yourself be tempted by the benefits of this "new" beauty trend. – AFP Relaxnews

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