Did you know that chestnuts are now also considered an essential beauty ally?


What are the skin benefits of sweet chestnut? Photo: AFP

Whether roasted, in soups, in purees or enjoyed whole, sweet chestnuts are one of the star foods of the fall season. But did you know that chestnuts are now also considered an essential beauty ally?

From protection and hydration to repair, this seasonal treat has many unsuspected virtues.

The sweet chestnut is an ideal ally for when winter comes around – both inside and outside the body – allowing not only to fight against fatigue, but also to boost energy, and help the body fight against free radicals.

This is due to the multiple vitamins, minerals and trace elements it contains, among other things.

As is often the case, it is not surprising to learn that this seasonal nut offers as many benefits for health as it does for skin – the very definition of holistic beauty.

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Holistic hydration

While it's essential to keep skin hydrated all year round, it's during the winter months that skin is more likely to be prone to dryness. Here, chestnuts can be of help, giving you a hydration boost right through to spring.

Rich in sugars and carbohydrates, the fruit of the chestnut tree moisturises the skin in depth, in a natural way, while leaving the skin soft.

But that's not all, chestnuts are also rich in antioxidants which are known to help protect the body's cells – and therefore the skin – from the effects of free radicals. In other words, they can help fight skin aging.

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Protect and repair

If you're used to picking chestnuts in the forest, you're probably already familiar with the chestnut burr, the nuts' prickly protective casing. And indeed, it plays the same role with the skin, proving to be an effective protector against free radicals, as we have seen, but also against other types of external aggression.

Indeed, nature being well-designed, the chestnut is a go-to for protecting the skin through fall and winter.

If there are now many oils and waters based on chestnut extract, one brand has specialised in this particular product, focusing on innovation that encompasses dermatology and cosmetics.

Created by Adeline Constance, L'Accent Cosmetics is undoubtedly an expert in the field, offering "derma-makeup" products that combine beauty with skin benefits.

Check out the chestnut-based multifunction tinted powder that provides continuous hydration and UVA protection. – AFP Relaxnews

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