Tea, apple cider vinegar, sweat: 3 surprising natural remedies for fighting acne


Tea, apple cider vinegar and perspiration are natural solutions that can help fight acne. Photo: AFP

Acne outbreaks are common for some people. But there's no need to lock yourself away and wait for it to pass. Solutions exist to deal with pimples, blackheads and oily skin, which affect both teenagers and adults.

Tea, apple cider vinegar and... sweating are three effective natural remedies to help fight acne.

There are tons of cosmetics on the market that promise to tackle acne – with varying degrees of success – but long ingredient lists are now proving a turn-off to some consumers in search of natural solutions.

The good news is that there's no shortage of natural options, as simple, age-old remedies have recently become very popular, especially on social networks.

Accessible and inexpensive ingredients, such as tea or apple cider vinegar, can help you get rid of mild acne. For more serious or persistent cases, it's obviously preferable to seek the advice of a health professional.

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Tea to help reduce sebum secretion

You only have to visit the cosmetics aisle to see just how many green tea-based anti-acne products are out there. And that's no coincidence.

White tea, and especially green tea, are both natural solutions for people who are prone to acne, thanks to their astringent properties.

Their main asset is reducing the secretion of sebum, which, in excess, is precisely one of the causes of acne.

In the form of an oil, mask, cream or serum, green tea can be one of the allies of problem skin. Note that it should not be confused with tea tree oil, which, incidentally, dries up acne spots and blemishes.

Apple cider vinegar to fight blackheads

Vinegar can be used to get rid of the blackheads that plague the lives of the young and the not so young!

Rich in nutrients, organic acids and mineral salts, apple cider vinegar is a powerful antibacterial agent that cleanses the skin thoroughly and removes pollution and other impurities that build up throughout the day.

Even better, this wonder product helps reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and get rid of blackheads.

Plus, it's a natural remedy that's within everyone's reach since it's cheap to buy.

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Sweat can be an unexpected ally

We do everything to avoid it, with products like deodorant and talcum powder. However, perspiration is not all bad.

On the contrary, it can be useful in getting rid of impurities, pimples and blackheads, as long as you don't sweat too much and don't let it fester.

Sweating is a natural process that results in the evaporation of sweat through the pores of the skin, ridding it of sebum and impurities at the same time.

Moreover, sweat contains an antimicrobial peptide that naturally protects the skin from acne-causing agents. Anyone for a quick gym session? – AFP Relaxnews

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