What is a Brazilian manicure and why is it now a beauty fad?


Fans of the Brazilian manicure praise its long-lasting finish. Photo: AFP

In the spotlight in the run-up to the country's presidential election, Brazil's influence keeps expanding in many fields, including beauty. But beyond the well-known cult of cosmetic surgery in the country, another major national beauty trend is finding millions of followers on social networks.

Step forward, the Brazilian manicure.

French may long have been the only way to go when it comes to manicures, but that was without counting on Brazil's growing influence on beauty trends.

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From makeup and skincare to massage techniques or even cosmetic procedures, inspirations coming straight from the football nation are multiplying at high speed with the help of social media.

The latest in line is the Brazilian manicure, an unexpected – if not to say unusual – technique that's all the rage on TikTok thanks to its (very) long-lasting finish... even if achieving the look involves getting nail polish everywhere!

When it comes to manicures, you can find anything and everything on TikTok, from nail slugging to glazed donut nails to peanut butter nail art.

But there are also national variations, such as the French manicure – a technique that has long been famous around the world.

Unlike the Italian manicure, which consists of applying nail varnish as closely as possible to the edge of the nails without touching the cuticles, the Brazilian manicure involves covering the entire nail for an all-over look without any empty space.

And it's a trend that's poised to become part of our beauty routines.

This fashionable method is proving popular with a crowd of TikTokers, since the dedicated hashtags are so far the source of several million views on the Chinese social network. And it's the same story on Instagram, where posts are proliferating at high speed, as are accounts praising the merits of a technique long tried and tested by Brazilian women.

The website Refinery29 recently reported an 80% increase in searches relating to Brazilian manicures on Google.

Approximate application

If the final effect of the Brazilian manicure is a hit, its application process can be surprising, for the simple reason that a five-year-old child could probably do it.

After using a base coat, you simply choose your polish and apply it to the nail, cuticles, and even the skin around the nails in an almost messy fashion – no joke.

The advantage is that this method is accessible to everyone, even if you're not particularly meticulous or skilled. The disadvantage is that it requires a final step, since you have to clean off the excess and unsightly varnish residues with a boxwood stick topped with cotton wool soaked in acetone. And the result is impressive.

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The Brazilian manicure is becoming more and more popular because it can be easily recreated at home, without being a manicure pro, but even more so because it supposedly helps the polish stay put for longer.

That's something we can't confirm here, but it's what most TikTokers say after testing and adopting the technique.

So while the application process leaves something to be desired, the result is pretty much perfect all thanks to careful cleaning.

Brazilian beauty is certainly full of surprises. – AFP Relaxnews

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