Always busy? Try stacking short workouts throughout your day

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  • Tuesday, 28 May 2024

Cover all areas of fitness by stacking a few different exercises in 10-minute blocks throughout your day. — dpa

There are so many reasons why we keep delaying that workout – everyday life, the unexpected, stress, etc.

For all those lacking time or motivation to build a regular fitness routine, workout stacking is a great way to fit some exercise into a busy day.

Also known as fitness stacking, the method is aimed at making it easier to introduce exercise into your daily routine.

And the best part is: You don’t need a gym membership.

Fitness stacking means “stacking” up a workout out of different building blocks by exercising in shorter intervals throughout the day, according to Sven Seidenstuecker, a fitness and personal trainer, and lecturer at the German University for Prevention and Health Management in Saarbruecken.

One round of exercise should be around 10 minutes.

This could be a mini-power circuit consisting of squats, push-ups and some pulling movements against a fitness band for example, he says.

Those aiming to stimulate their cardiovascular system can try a combination of burpees, jumping rope, and running in place with the knees are raised as high as possible.

If you want to wind down after a stressful day, then a short yoga flow combined with breathing exercises will do you good.

Alternatively, you can look for workout videos online.

With workout stacking, there are no rigid routines – nor should there be.

It can be adjusted depending on the day’s form, time budget or simply one’s mood, Seidenstuecker says.

Whether you “stack” various rounds of exercises one right after the other, or spread them out throughout the day, anything is possible.

And if time is tight, you can leave it with just a single stack, keeping in mind that 10 minutes of exercise is better than no workout at all.

But the question remains: Can these tiny training tidbits really make a difference?

Seidenstuecker is convinced of it.

Just two short, but intensive strength training units a week can improve strength and muscle performance, he says.

In addition, those who do perform workout stacking quite possibly will end up integrating more exercise into their everyday routine, because the method will also boost your fitness motivation. – dpa

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