Palmsy is your one-person social media with pretend likes

Palmsy is not yet available for Android devices. — AFP Relaxnews

If you’re looking to detox from social networking without completely relinquishing the excitement of posting content and getting likes, look no further. Palmsy could well be the solution to your problems. But be warned: on this social network, everything is an illusion...

In reality, there's nothing social about Palmsy app. The platform is simply installed on your phone, without connecting you to others. Unlike traditional social networks, nothing you post will be shared with other users. You can, however, post photos and status updates, and even receive likes, but all this will remain exclusively localised to your device.

How does it work? After posting your content, the app selects people from your contact list to simulate “likes” on your post but in reality, no one will have seen them except you.

The aim of Palmsy is to help you avoid the painful withdrawal from not getting “Likes” on your latest post. This unusual app allows you to satisfy your need to post content, while avoiding social media's negative effects on your mental health.

Palmsy developer Pat Nakajima wrote on the Threads social network: "hi besties, here's a new app. It lets you make lil posts. then get fake likes from random folks in your contacts. nothing ever leaves your device, it's just pretend. is it useful? no, not as such. is it fun? kinda? Is it free? hell, yeah it is."

The app is designed to help users detox from traditional social networks, which can be a source of stress, anxiety and even depression. By using Palmsy, you can concentrate on creating content for yourself, rather than worrying about what others think of your posts.

"It can be fun to see Likes coming in from folks you haven’t thought about in years. It can also be useful in maybe deleting some contacts you might not need anymore,” says the FAQ section of the app, according to Techcrunch.

To avoid the stress associated with “likes” – counting them, not getting ‘enough’ of them – Instagram launched a feature that hides “likes” in order to preserve the mental health of users, who can become fixated with comparing their performance with that of other users on social media.

Only available on iPhone and iPad, Palmsy is an application that offers an interesting alternative to traditional social networks. If you're looking to reduce your dependency on social media while maintaining the creative aspect of posting content, Palmsy could well be an anti-addiction patch for you. – AFP Relaxnews


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