iPay88 to enable Google Pay for local e-commerce transactions


Google Pay will soon be available for e-commerce players in Malaysia, through online payment platform iPay88, the company said.

On its Facebook page, iPay88 said Google Pay will soon be available to its e-commerce merchants.

"iPay88 has become one of the 60+ global payment services processors that will or are collaborating with Google in order to bring Google Pay to e-commerce players in Malaysia," it added. 

iPay88 did not state when Google Pay would be available locally.  

During the Google I/O 2019 conference, Google revealed that merchants are having trouble converting potential customers into actual sales, with data showing that over 70% of shopping carts are abandoned on e-commerce sites.

It added that issues include confusing form fields and overly long checkouts.

Google said it intends to resolve this by building "a powerful checkout experiences with Google Pay", allowing users to pay through a single front rather than various credit cards or e-payment options.

With Google Play users only need to save their card information once with Google, then the app will be able to seamlessly fill in payment details online or share an encrypted number to stores instead of users' actual card number, to keep details secure.


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