Instagram leaks hint of a seek bar for videos

Instagram users are now able to check if people they follow are currently online. — dpa

Instagram users might soon be able to skip to the exact part of a video they want to see, with the introduction of a seek bar.

Software engineer Jane Manchun Wong tweets that Instagram is testing video seekbar, sharing a video capture of the bar being used in an Instagram post to skip ahead several seconds in a 14 second video of a smoothie being made.

Instagram is testing video seekbar

"It'd be a plus if it shows the frame preview while scrubbing through the video. It might cause some performance regressions though, but it's something to think about UX wise," adds the techy, best known for reverse engineering popular apps.

As the Instagram experience is largely passive beyond scrolling and liking, Wong notes that though the update could provide more control for the users, it might cause the service to become laggy.

Arby's Restaurant Group social media supervisor Jimmy Beck replied to Wong's tweet, noting that the feature had been rolled out in January, then taken offline again.

"Hopefully they actually keep it this time!" he adds.

Both his and Wong's video were of an Instagram video post, though it is not clear if the feature would be available for Instagram stories.


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