The SeeThru augmented reality headset has Google Glass firmly in its sights

SMART GLASS CONTENDER: The Laster SeeThru glasses. The glasses has built-in sensors including three gyroscopes, three accelerometers, and three compasses. - AFPRelaxnews 2014

Its creators claim that the smart glasses have already been in development for eight years and are better than the best that Google has to offer in every department.

Bold claims indeed, especially when Laster Technologies, the business behind SeeThru is looking to Kickstarter to launch its device. However, Laster is using the crowdfunding platforms much as a way of raising awareness and generating attention as it is for raising funds.

Laster may be new to creating consumer products but a host of patented technologies that are used in a number of competing augmented reality headsets were developed by the company in its work for enterprises and the military - the version of SeeThru that will reach early bird backers in April is the fruit of over 100 prototypes.