Let’s work together to beat Covid-19

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  • Sunday, 29 Mar 2020

COVID-19 has created havoc across the globe and put the world’s economy in the doldrums, and Malaysia is no exception to this.The government has put measures to control the spread of this disease with an unprecedented movement control order (MCO).

It has also introduced various economic stimulus packages to prop the country’s economy and help us withstand the impact of the global recession created by this virus.

Crucially, regardless of our background, race and religion, we have to be strong and unite as a nation to fight a “war with the invisible forces” and brace for a tough time ahead as the impact of Covid-19 will be felt long after the MCO ends on April 14.

But before we can win the Covid-19 war, the first step is to respect and adhere to the government-implemented MCO.

We must lock ourselves at home to shield our family against this “invisible enemy”.

Sure, it is a tough order to take as it curbs our daily movements and freedom but it is definitely a small price to pay if we want – not just you and me but the entire nation – to minimise the infection of Covid-19 and allow our healthcare authorities to have ample space to treat those who are infected with this deadly virus.

If each and every one of us puts in extra effort to curtail our movements for just another two weeks or so, at least until the MCO is over, we can win this war together, as a nation.

Because there is no option for failure.

The outcome of this MCO will have a great impact on the fight against Covid-19 and the direction of our economy in the next coming months.

The longer the MCO stays, the harder it may be for us to fix our hurt economy.

To ease the economic pain, the government has implemented various initiatives and measures, allowing Malaysians to have some extra money in their pockets and help businesses to stay afloat in the next six months.

But for Malaysians, especially those in the B40 and M40 groups, who would benefit from the government’s handouts as part of the economic stimulus packages, they must be prudent in spending the money allocated to them.

The money or benefit given should be put to good use and spent on necessary goods or items needed for the family.

It must not be splurged but saved for a rainy day, as there are bound to be many economic challenges ahead.

Malaysians must also learn to adapt to a new way of living with the changes to our daily lifestyles, from managing the family, at work and even in communicating with each other, as we fight to survive this pandemic and rebuild the nation’s economy.

The good thing is there are many ways we can now prepare for the uncertain times ahead.

For one, we can use this time to reflect on and replan our path in life.

And we can learn new skills and gain new knowledge while we brace for the inevitable global downturn.

The onus is now on every one of us in making the changes.

We definitely can do this if we stay, act and work together as a nation during this trying time.

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