QuickCheck: Did a two-year-old crossing a busy Melaka road cause an accident?

A screen capture of the video showing the toddler running across the street in Alor Gajah, Melaka

A THREE-MINUTE video showing a toddler crossing a busy road and almost getting hit by a vehicle has alarmed social media users. The child is said to have emerged from a car parked on the side of the road in Alor Gajah, Melaka.

Apparently, the car that braked to avoid running over the child was then hit from behind by a motorcycle.

Did this really take place?



Sinar Harian reported that a two-year-old child really did leave a parked vehicle alone and cross the busy two-way road near SK Melaka Pindah at 6.51am on Wednesday (Sept 20).

Seeing the child, the motorist applied his emergency brakes only to be then struck from behind by a motorcycle.

The car's dash cam recorded the incident.

In the video, a man is seen rushing to pick up the child, who is then handed over to a woman, believed to be the mother.

The car suffered some damage to its rear bumper after being struck by the motorcycle.The car suffered some damage to its rear bumper after being struck by the motorcycle.

She had parked her car to send another child to school without realising that her toddler had also left the vehicle.

Alor Gajah OCPD Supt Arshad Abu confirmed the incident.

He said the 32-year-old driver whose dash cam captured the incident was a teacher on his way from Pekan Durian Tunggal to Lendu.

"At the incident area, he suddenly saw a child crossing the road, causing him to immediately stop his car before getting hit from behind by a motorcycle.

"The motorcyclist, a 28-year-old factory worker, suffered minor injuries. The case is being investigated under Rule 10 of the Road Traffic Rules 1959," he said.

Supt Arshad added that the mother was also called in to the station and given advice, and may face further action.


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