Gerakan rates Negri state govt 5.5 out of 10 a year after GE14

SEREMBAN: Gerakan has given the Negri Sembilan Pakatan Harapan government a "just pass" grade for its achievements after having helmed the state for a year.

State Gerakan chief Datuk David Choong Vee Hing said although the Pakatan administration fulfilled some of the pledges made before the last general election, there were some important ones that had not been carried out.

"We have rated them 5.5 out of 10 as we understand Pakatan needs more time to carry out some of the pledges.

"But it had promised to convert all leasehold properties to freehold in one year after the general election, and as of today, this has not been done," he told reporters Monday (May 6).

Choong said Gerakan carried out a survey in April and found that 80% of the 200 respondents wanted Pakatan to fulfil its pledges.

"Generally, they are happy that some of the pledges have been honoured and are also prepared to give Pakatan more time.

"But if the matriculation issue had cropped up when we did the survey, I believe more respondents would have been upset with the government," he said.

Some Malaysians were not happy with the Pakatan government when it said the 2,200 and 1,000 seats allocated respectively for Indian and Chinese students in the programme last year during Barisan Nasional rule was a "one-off initiative".

Following the outcry, Cabinet decided to increase the number of students entering the matriculation programme to 40,000 from the previous 25,000 and that the 90% quota for bumiputras would remain.

Choong said Gerakan's findings also showed that the state Pakatan has only fulfilled less than half the pledges it made.

He, however, commended the state Pakatan government for keeping to its promise to have the Mentri Besar and members of his exco to declare their assets.

"It is also our hope that they will keep their promise not to increase quit rent and assessment for the next five years," he added.

Choong also urged the state government to explain its "Rent to Own Scheme" – a programme to allow more people, especially those in the B40 group, to own homes. He said there had been no updates on it.

"There was also a pledge to further develop the agriculture sector but we need to know what has been done for the past year," he added.