Coastal erosion Pantai Puteri, Melaka, destroys trees, land reclamation suspected

MELAKA: Coastal erosion at popular Pantai Puteri beach (pic) here have caused decades-old trees and a street light post to crumble.

The Star team checked the affected site on Wednesday (Nov 21) and found that 10 trees had been uprooted.

Pantai Kundur assemblyman Datuk Azman Hassan said the remedial works should be carried out at once.

"This is a tourist site and also a fishing enclave,"he said when interviewed on Wednesday.

Azman said the erosion could have stemmed from massive marine reclamation works.

The area lies between Tanjung Kling and Tangga Batu.

Azman said the situation also affected the livelihoods of fishermen in the area.

"The fishermen's shed was also washed away and the boat berthing point was also damaged.

"Hence, I hope the state government addresses the issue soon," he said.

Azman said areas close to the beach front are also at risk of being affected.

He added that a breakwater should be immediately built about 500m from the shoreline.