MCA Youth ready to take on Opposition role

KUALA LUMPUR: MCA Youth concedes defeat and is ready to position itself as the Opposition to “keep an eye” on the new Government.

“MCA Youth concedes defeat and accepts the people's verdict,” said MCA Youth chief Datuk Chong Sin Woon at a press conference after a MCA Youth central committee meeting on Friday.

“As a ruling party in the previous government, we did not play our role effectively, ignoring the voice of the people. We must give the new government some time to carry out its new measures while we play our role as an effective Opposition,” said Chong.

Chong said that MCA Youth is also happy to see a democratic two-party system in Malaysia.

“Especially if it is a healthy one, with an effective check and balance to ensure a more stable and prosperous future for our nation,” he said.

He added said that not being in the government means that MCA Youth is “back to be with the people”.

He pledged that MCA Youth will be more humble in listening to and standing with the people, viewing things from their perspective.

Chong said that he plans to reunite MCA, especially the Youth division, and to train Youth candidates to ensure they are able to contest in the next general election.


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