‘Paradise’ Pulau Mengalum popular with tourists from China

PETALING JAYA: Known for its sandy white beaches and crystal-clear blue waters, Pulau Mengalum is a popular spot for tourists from China.

While the remote island, situated off the west coast of Sabah, is visited all-year round, the peak tourist seasons for the island coincide with the holiday seasons in mainland China.

The peak periods for tourist arrivals from China are often during Chinese New Year, early May, July, August and early October, said a source familiar with the state’s tourism industry.

Data by the Sabah Tourism Board showed that a total of 343,824 tourists from China visited the state from January to November last year.

The usual mode of transportation to Pulau Mengalum, according to him, was by high-powered speed boat and the journey normally took about an hour in good weather.

“The weather was good when the boat set off from Kota Kinabalu,” added the source.

On the tourism activities on the island, the source said that most tourists opt for a day trip, but there were also chalets on the island to cater to those who wanted to stay overnight.

“It is a good site for snorkelling,” the source said.

A search on the Internet showed a choice of day-trip packages organised by various tour companies to Pulau Mengalum.

The island has been described as a “paradise” by many who have visited it.

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