Victim rams robbers with his car

Under arrest: Canadian police have arrested two men and are seeking two others for exporting controlled goods and technologies intended for space satellite use to China in violation of export and defense laws.

KERIAN: It was a case of vigilante justice when a robbery victim chased down and rammed three robbers who tried to get away on their motorcycles at Taman Murni, Parit Buntar near here. 

Mohamed Mazis Mohamed Mokhtar, 25, and four others, including his wife, were robbed before the former got into his car and chased after the robbers in the 10.15am incident on Tuesday. 

After ramming down the robbers, Mohamed Mazis then apprehended all four robbers with the assistance from several onlookers. 

Prior to the incident, Mohamed Mazis and his friends were set upon by the robbers, one of whom was armed with a parang. 

The robber had also placed the parang on the neck of Mohamed Mazis's wife, resulting in a scuffle when the victims refused to give in. 

One of Mohamed Mazis's friends was slashed in the head. 

The robbers then tried fleeing with a bracelet, gold rings, two handbags and two wristwatches before they were later apprehended. 

When contacted, Kerian police chief Superintendent Omar Bakhtiar Yaacob confirmed the incident and said investigations are still ongoing.


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