Stateless teen now officially a Malaysian citizen

PUTRAJAYA: After 17 years, Navin Moorthy (pic) is now officially a citizen of the country he was born in.

The teenager of mixed parentage has finally been recognised as a Malaysian national and is about to be issued an identity card.

“I am happy that I finally got it (Malaysian citizenship). It did take a long time. It is a very big deal for me,” said Navin when met by reporters at the National Registration Department (NRD) here on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Navin received a letter from the Home Ministry which approved the 17-year-old as a Malaysian citizen under Article 15 of the Federal Constitution.

Navin, accompanied by his father R. Moorthy and lawyer Annou Xavier, was at the NRD office in Putrajaya to apply for his MyKad.

He was issued a standard temporary IC and will receive his MyKad once it is ready.

Born to a Malaysian father and a Filipino mother, Navin was found to be listed as “bukan warganegara” or non-citizen in the NRD system when he was two years old.

Moorthy applied twice to the NRD in Putrajaya to have his son awarded a Malaysian citizenship – on July 21, 2010, after the boy turned 12, and on Nov 17, 2011.

Both applications were rejected and on Dec 17, 2013, Navin, through his father, filed a civil suit against the NRD director-general, Home Ministry secretary-general and the federal government.

In the application, Navin said he was born in Klinik Sarmukh in Jalan Genting Klang on July 8, 1998, and was issued a Malaysian birth certificate.

The father also said that because of his son’s non-citizenship, he was forced to pay a levy so that Navin could be enrolled in a national school.

The High Court on Nov 25, 2014 ordered that Navin be awarded a citizenship and given a MyKad.

The government appealed the decision, but it was dismissed by the Court of Appeal on July 29 last year.

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