Transform for a better future

Learn how to make strategic changes at all levels, from national and corporate to personal.

LEARN from real life experiences. That’s what delegates can expect from the upcoming Global Transformation Forum (GTF2015).

Organised by the BFR Institute, the forum will feature over 20 distinguished speakers from a myriad of fields and professions. More than just star personalities, they are inspirational high achievers.

“GTF2015 aims to bring together examples of best practices and success stories from around the world, where countries have made tremendous progress in creating positive socioeconomic impact and exemplified strong leadership, onto a single platform to be shared,” BFR Institute managing director Datuk Seri Idris Jala shares.

“The forum will showcase an array of experiences from developed countries, middle income countries, and emerging economies – all coming together for a diverse exchange of insights.”

Idris, who will also speak at the forum, which will be held in Kuala Lumpur from Oct 21 to 22, describes it as a global platform for people to share lessons and insights on transformation.

The speakers are from all over the world so the learning and sharing is not just limited to Malaysia, he adds.

The speakers include former heads of states such as Kevin Rudd (Australia), Goh Chok Tong (Singapore) and Jorge Quiroga (Bolivia).

The forum will also feature women in leadership, among others, United Nations Develop­ment Programme administrator and former prime minister of New Zealand Helen Clark and the first and highest ranking woman police officer in the Indian Police Service, Kiran Bedi.

Global personalities will also be featured in the line-up of speakers. Former California ­governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Olympic champion Carl Lewis, 2012 Olympic Games (London organising committee) chair Sebastian Coe and Union of European Football Association Chief Refereeing Officer Pierluigi Collina will be addressing delegates.

“The speakers all have one trait in common – they know what works and what doesn’t,” Idris says.

There are three levels where transformation sharing can take place: on a country level, where heads of states will reveal their experiences; on a company level with corporate captains; and on an individual level where personalities talk about personal journeys of transformation, he says.

“On the individual level, we have Arnold Schwarzenegger who will share the inspiration behind his journey from bodybuilder, movie star to governor. And Sebastian Coe who, from a middle distance running world champion, went on to lead a team who was behind the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

“So if you want to learn about personal transformation, you can take something from the forum. If you want to learn about corporate transformation, you can pick something up too. And, if you want to glean something from a governmental level, you definitely can. There’s enough knowledge and experience and best practices at the forum for everybody,” he enthuses.

By tuning into one global conversation, forum participants will be able to go beyond the theories to discover for themselves the secrets of success.

“What makes them tick? How do they overcome challenges? How do they make difficult decisions? How do they consider all the variables when making decisions and implementing plans?

“The how’s, why’s and what’s of transformation will be answered at the forum,” he says, adding that there’s a need to get ahead of descriptive laden narratives and theories to operationalise transformation.

GTF2015, he strongly believes, is a strong starting point.