Cheers all around to sugar-free soju’s arrival in Malaysia

Saero Soju is popular for its zero sugar and low-calorie attributes.

Lauded as a sugar-free soju, the Lotte Chumchurum Saero Soju has finally reached Malaysian shores.

The launch at Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant, Solaris Mont Kiara in Kuala Lumpur saw its sole distributor Luen Heng Food and Beverage Sdn Bhd (LHFB) showcasing the product to guests.

LHFB managing director Datuk Kenneth Soh said the product would be sold at supermarkets and restaurants nationwide.

“We are pleased to introduce this low-calorie sugar-free soju to Malaysians as an addition to existing sojus in the market.

“The South Koreans prefer the original soju taste compared to flavoured ones and now Malaysians can try Saero Soju,” he said.

Lotte Chumchurum Saero Soju was released in September last year in South Korea, recording a sale of 100 million bottles within seven months.

The brand name Lotte Chumchurum Saero comes from a Korean word that represents “unprecedented novelty”.

Unlike conventional soju, it attains zero sugar with no fructose, hence its fresh and smooth taste.

With 16% ABV (alcohol by volume), the soju is made of purified water, grain, barley spirits, enzymatically modified stevia, erythritol and Steviol glycosides.

The soju targets a new group of young consumers.

Lotte Liquor, an alcoholic beverage manufacturer producing items ranging from soju and beer to whiskey, wine and refined rice wine (Cheongju), developed this new soju variety.

The more well-known brands under the Lotte Liquor portfolio are Lotte Chumchurum Soju and Lotte Soonhari Soju.

Lotte Chilsung Beverage Global Sales Department 3 team manager Kim Gwangil hoped Malaysians would like Saero Soju.

“Malaysians enjoy South Korean food and beverages such as kimchi, chimaek (pairing of fried chicken and beer) as well as soju.

“Our culture was introduced to Malaysians through K-pop and Korean drama series.

“Today, Korean food and beverages are easily available in supermarkets,” he said.

During the launch, guests were treated to barbecued meat such as dwaejigalbi (pork marinated in soy sauce) as well as kimchi jeongol (kimchi hot pot), bossam (boiled pork with kimchi), japchee (stir-fried glass noodles with vegetables) as well as a range of side dishes.

The Lotte Chumchurum Saero Soju can be savoured neat or mixed with Peach flavour Lotte Milkis or rose beer. — By JAROD LIM

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