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A taste of Thailand, day and night

MALAYSIA may have no shortage of Thai restaurants, but authentic Thai cuisine will always be a step above anything that local eateries can offer.

Tom Yum Goong tends to be a little more spicy than the Malaysian 


Indian cuisine has always been intriguing for its use of spices and ingredients to create the magic of its taste.

Sauces to thrill taste buds

HOTEL Equatorial Penang’s Golden Phoenix welcomed its new Chinese chef de cuisine Steve Ang Cheng Yew, who will tempt taste buds with his inventive cooking.

Slide into the sausages

A SLIDE, an underground restaurant, inviting food and a touch of mystery are ingredients that make for an unforgettable afternoon in downtown Kuala Lumpur.

Fruity goody bowls of ABC

WHAT better way to quench your thirst or beat the heatwave than to have a bowl of fruity shaved ice?

Savouring the best of barbecue

THE chance to go on a culinary journey around the world is something diners appreciate when opting for a buffet meal.

Soft, creamy duck liver

LIKE eating butter with a crispy skin. That is how connoisseurs describe savouring goose liver, or foie gras as the French calls it.

Foie gras glazed with teriyaki and paired with eel marinated in kabayaki sauce. Both sit on a creamy bed of risotto enriched with truffle and trumpet mushrooms.

Briyani, bring it on

TO perfect the art of briyani-making, a restaurant owner travelled to various parts of India in search of the most delicious briyani. The Spice Indian Cuisine's owner Ibrahim Gani later concluded that South Indian briyani from Chennai, Tamil Nadu would go well with Malaysian taste buds.

‘Meat o’clock’ encounter in the city

SOMETIMES, the phrase sharing is not all about caring, especially when it involves a good steak.

Going down memory lane with familiar dishes

IF you are looking for classic cuisines just like in the good old days, look no further as The Deck Gastrobar at Weil Hotel in Ipoh, has come up with a delectable selection of fusion food.

Juicy Chateaubriand, which is fine-cut beef tenderloin with béarnaise sauce.