Fishing in public parks and old ponds offers excitement and relaxation

The Shah Alam City Council charges a small fee for anglers fishing at the Taman Shah Alam lake.

 Fishing in public parks and abandoned mining ponds offers a blend of excitement and relaxation, with each location providing a distinct fishing experience.

These aquatic sanctuaries, brimming with various fish species, promise captivating adventures, particularly for beginners and those eager to cast their lines.

Anglers can expect to encounter species such as tilapia, keli (catfish), lampan (barb), and the elusive haruan and toman from the snakehead family, renowned for their fighting spirit.

Lake fishing, with its promise of patience-rewarding catches, presents an enriching experience, especially for those who want tranquillity to pass the time.

A valid fishing pass is required from the Petaling Jaya City Council landscape department to fish at the Kelana Jaya lake.A valid fishing pass is required from the Petaling Jaya City Council landscape department to fish at the Kelana Jaya lake.

Old mining ponds have a different aquatic ecosystem. The waters that were once sites bustling with human activity now boast a thriving natural biodiversity.

Hidden within their depths, one might encounter the striking peacock bass, an introduced species that has become a local favourite for its colourful appearance and vigorous resistance.

These ponds may also hide the kaloi (giant gourami) and the belida (featherback), both sought after for their size, culinary value, and the latter’s use in making traditional fish balls.

Pond or lake fishing can be fun and exciting for those who want to pass the time.Pond or lake fishing can be fun and exciting for those who want to pass the time.

There are also haruan or toman lurking in grassland on the side of the lake or pond, waiting for anglers to cast their line.

However, these inviting waters can conceal hazards, especially for those unacquainted with their hidden depths.

The old mining ponds, in particular, are notorious for their sudden and deceptive drop-offs, which can harm the unsuspecting.

Thus, the excitement of fishing must be tempered with a deep respect for the unpredictability of nature. Prioritising safety when approaching these lakes and ponds is a must.

Lake or pond fishing can also be enjoyable as it offers a variety of fishing techniques and setups, depending on the target species or the lake’s conditions.

But in general, or commonly used by many, the spinning rod, which is much easier and straightforward to use, is suitable for casting various lures and baits.

One of the common rigs used for lake or pond fishing is the Carolina rig, known for its effectiveness in catching bottom-feeding fish.

This rig is suitable for targeting species such as keli (catfish) or other bottom dwellers.

It has a hook attached to a leader line and a small sliding egg weight connected to the main line. The leader is attached to the main line via a snap clip or swivel.

Old mining ponds are known for their sudden and deceptive drop-offs, so prioritising safety when approaching these bodies of water is important.Old mining ponds are known for their sudden and deceptive drop-offs, so prioritising safety when approaching these bodies of water is important.

The bobber rig is also a simple and popular fishing setup, great for beginners or those fishing in freshwater like lakes and ponds.

It is designed to keep the bait at a specific depth and visually signal when a fish bites.

This rig features a small slip float attached to the fishing line. At the bottom end of the line, there’s a hook, and positioned between the float and the hook is a split shot weight.

A stopper prevents the float from sliding further down the line and sets the desired depth for the hook below the surface.

This setup allows you to adjust the length of the line between the float and the hook, effectively controlling how deep the hook and bait suspend in the water.

Of course, if you are going for haruan or toman, one can use a lure or live bait to snare these predators.

Lures are often effective in catching haruan or toman, though they may necessitate frequent casting.

Likewise, live bait can attract these predatory fish by allowing it to move freely at a designated depth and distance and wait for the fish to strike.

So, it’s either bottom fishing or float fishing.

Bottom fishing involves presenting the bait on or near the lakebed, which is ideal for species that feed in this area.

Weights keep the bait down, and bites are detected through the rod tip or a bite alarm.

Float fishing involves suspending the bait at a predetermined depth using the float.

This method is effective for fish that feed mid-water or near the surface. This rig is also effective in lakes or ponds with much bottom debris.

For the line, a 10lb to 15lb line is ideal for this type of fishing, while a 1000 or 1500 series small spinning reel would be ideal.

The choice of weight depends on the fishing technique and the conditions.

For bottom fishing, heavier weights may be needed to keep the bait in place, while float fishing usually requires lighter, more streamlined weights to maintain natural bait presentation.

Understanding the pond, the type of species available, and their habits and preferences are important for successful lake or pond fishing.

Talking to regular anglers at the pond to get insights into the species and determine the type of rod, line, and rig to use when at the pond is beneficial.

Lastly, check with the local council or municipality to see if a fishing pass or permit is required. Some public lakes mandate these permissions to regulate the number of anglers and maintain their fish stocks.

Happy fishing!

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