Made for each other: Fashion and beauty talents Emran and Tyra are tying the knot

Fashion designer Emran Rijal and beauty brand founder Athirah Kamaruzzaman grew up a mere 10-minutes’ drive from one another but their paths didn’t really cross until last year.

Athirah, referred to by most as Tyra, spent her childhood in Gombak, Kuala Lumpur, while Emran grew up in the Datuk Keramat area.

Within a year of meeting through common friends and getting to know each other on a deeper level, Emran and Tyra decided that they had both found “the one”.

In May, this talented pair will be tying the knot, and the Raya celebrations this year are extra “meriah” with both families coming together for the first time.

When you know, you know

At 25, marriage is the farthest thing from the minds of many youths their age, but for Tyra and Emran, it’s a journey they are very much looking forward to.

The fashion designer and founder of Emri Vision and founder of TK by Tyra and BeauTyra knew they were a solid match when they were introduced by friends.

“We had known of each others’ existence for a while and we shared common friends, but we only met last year and after hanging out together with friends. I then, obviously, asked for her number,” says Emran.

“We really clicked, because we’re both business owners, I think we kind of have the same mindset and the conversations just flowed,” says Tyra. “There was no awkwardness, and it was the energy too, I felt like I wanted to get to know him better. People always say when it’s the right one, you just kind of know.”

Six months into their courtship, Emran sat down with his mother and shared his intentions of marrying Tyra.

“I’m a very traditional person, I discussed it with my mother and she told me ‘if you’re really serious, why don’t we all go for merisik (when the grooms side informs the bride’s family of his interest in marrying said bride)’,” says Emran.

“And in December, his whole family came and his mother brought an engagement ring,” adds Tyra.

Prior to all this, Emran sat down with Tyra’s dad and expressed his wishes to marry her.

The discussion went well, with the father of the bride-to-be giving the union his blessing.

“He said that as long as I am happy, he is okay with it,” says Tyra, the youngest of five siblings.

For words of wisdom on going into marriage and making this lifelong commitment, the couple looked to their mothers. —YAP CHEE HONG/The StarFor words of wisdom on going into marriage and making this lifelong commitment, the couple looked to their mothers. —YAP CHEE HONG/The Star

A family affair

As kids, both Emran and Tyra looked forward to celebrating Hari Raya with their large families, playing with fireworks and indulging in delicious home-cooked dishes.

What Emran, the fifth of six children, looked forward to most was dressing in new clothes for the celebration.

“The night before Raya, I just couldn’t wait to get into my new baju melayu or whatever nice casualwear my mum had bought for us, and of course, the duit raya was always a highlight of the celebration.

At Tyra’s household, preparations for Raya involved everyone, with each member of the family doing their part to get everything ready.

This year is an emotional one, as it is the last time the couple will be celebrating as singles, but they are looking forward to sharing many more Rayas in years to come with their new extended families.

Emran’s family will congregate at Tyra’s place, where all her siblings, spouses and children live with Tyra’s parents.

Signature dishes made by Tyra’s mum that they will all enjoy are soto and kuah kacang, as well as Emran’s favourite Raya dishes of rendang and ayam tomato.

“There will be many open houses to attend during the month-long celebration, which means a lot of baju, and thankfully I don’t have to worry about outfits,” jokes Tyra, casting a grin Emran’s way.

Supporting each other

Being business owners, Tyra and Emran understand the nature of the job and collaborate on each others’ endeavours.

Tyra is helping out on the social media front for Emran’s fashion line, which includes bespoke creations as well as ready-to-wear, while Emran designs the packaging for Tyra’s new beauty brand.

A departure from BeauTyra, the brand she founded more than five years ago, her new beauty label TK by Tyra debuted in March with its first product: blusher.

“Blusher is a must have for me, it’s something I can’t miss when I’m using makeup, I feel like without it, one looks pale. After this, we will go ahead with introducing mascara,” says Tyra.

For Emri Vision, 2024 is the year when they make their clothes accessible to a wider audience, expanding to Singapore and Bangkok.

“We are always pushing ourselves, and it’s a challenge to follow our guidelines to remaining a sustainable brand, but we are constantly mindful about the fabrics and materials we use, from printing to production,” says Emran.

Maternal advice

For words of wisdom on going into marriage and making this lifelong commitment, the couple looked to their mothers.

“My mother always says be yourself, don’t be pretentious, respect the house and each other, your parents, the family and be faithful,” says Emran. “Always put religion first and take care of each others hearts and always be present.”

Tyra’s mum’s words revolved around understanding your partner.

“My dad and mum have been together for 40 years, and she says that compromise and understanding is the most important thing in a marriage, and putting each others’ needs above everything else,” shares Tyra.

“For my parents it’s always family first, no matter how busy they are, no matter what’s happening in the world, family is the top priority. Loving each other, enjoying each other’s company, I think of my cousins and siblings as my best friends,” she adds.

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