What is 'doll makeup' and why is this beauty trend so popular?


"Doll makeup" focuses on a rounder face shape, in contrast to contouring. Photo: AFP

After the success of "berry makeup" and "chrome makeup" looks, "doll makeup" is gaining in popularity among beauty enthusiasts.

This technique has become increasingly popular on social media ever since singer and actress Sabrina Carpenter adopted it, becoming the influencer to follow in reproducing this beauty routine.

Last year, model and entrepreneur Hailey Bieber, also famous for being married to Justin Bieber, caused a sensation by popularising the "strawberry makeup" look, characterised by pronounced blush, glossy lips, sculpted eyebrows and, above all, visible freckles on the nose.

But a new beauty trend is taking over on social media, particularly on TikTok: "doll makeup".

Doll makeup is all about reproducing the look of a doll's face with makeup.

With the arrival of spring, the aim of this trend is to reduce the use of cosmetics as much as possible, and even eliminate them almost completely from one's beauty routine – all with a view to achieving the most naturally glowing skin.

Fresh, natural and easy to apply, this light approach to makeup is perfect for the return of warm weather in the northern hemisphere.

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Why is 'doll makeup' trending?

While various beauty inspirations such as "berry makeup," "chrome makeup" and "pumpkin spice makeup" have been getting makeup aficionados to try out a new style, now it's "doll makeup," spotted some time back on Pinterest, that is going strong on TikTok in recent weeks.

Many TikTok users are trying it out, inspired by former Disney actress and singer Sabrina Carpenter.

Her coquettish, girly makeup looks in pink tones have captured the attention of internet users and charmed them, becoming the must-have trend of the moment.

A slew of tutorials demonstrating how to reproduce the "doll makeup" look continue to be posted by beauty fans, helping to fuel the craze for this aesthetic.

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What does it consist of?

One reason behind the popularity of the "doll makeup" look on social media can be explained by the small quantity of products needed to achieve it.

Although blush is the star of this beauty routine, as it gives that doll-like look, highlighter and white pencil, applied under the eyes, are also essential.

Unlike other makeup techniques that focus more on contouring, the aim here is not to define the angles of the face, but rather to create the illusion of a rounded face.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the complexion, it's best to opt for a fairly light foundation to create a "glowy" look.

Lips are the final step in creating a doll-like makeup look. Use a pinkish lip pencil to outline your mouth. Don't forget to apply gloss as a finishing touch, to give your lips a plumping effect – without the need for fillers.

A doll-inspired makeup look is a perfect way to ease into the spirit of springtime, thanks to its simplicity, freshness and playfulness.

Its combination of natural, "be-yourself" beauty with a touch of femininity and innocence results in a delicate, bewitching aesthetic, a perfect accompaniment to the floral prints of spring.

So why not let yourself be influenced by trends with "doll makeup"? – AFP Relaxnews

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