No more straight hair! This unicorn-inspired heatless curling technique works


This unicorn-inspired technique promises perfectly defined curls with no need for heat. Photo: AFP

Progress is unstoppable! TikTok users are coming up with tricks that are as surprising as they are original – and sometimes effective – to optimise their beauty routines.

The latest is the "unicorn curls" or "unicorn heatless curls" technique, for creating perfectly defined curls without the need for any heated appliances.

Forget super-straight hair, as for several months, curls have been gaining favour with social media users. But don't be fooled into spending a fortune in a state-of-the-art salon, or racking up your electricity bill with a curling iron addiction.

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As is often the case on social networks, and especially TikTok, every solution is welcome to help you get the look at the lowest possible cost – and with minimal effort – via tips and tricks that are each more original than the next.

This has been seen with the "bowl method", which involves rinsing out your hair care product by soaking hair in a bowl of water, or the "strainer technique", which involves blow-drying your hair using the said kitchen utensil.

But that's nothing compared to the unicorn heatless curls technique, which is currently the talk of the Chinese social network, with no fewer than 37 million views for the hashtag #unicornheatlesscurls.

It's a strange name that obviously refers to the legendary creature, because of the appearance of the users who give it a try.

The objective, however, remains the same: to create perfectly defined curls without any source of heat.

To achieve such a result, you need a curling rod, also known as a heatless curler or a curling headband – finished in satin, if possible – a texturising spray, a hair elastic or scrunchie, a good dose of patience and a certain level of skill.

Once you've got all the ingredients, it's time to get started.

First, separate your hair into two sections, parted down the middle, then brush to detangle and spritz with a little spray to moisten. Once this first step is done, place the curling rod in the center of the head (following the parting line), positioned so that it sticks out to the front – like the horn of a unicorn.

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Next, create a tight French braid (starting with a classic braid, then gradually incorporating the rest of the hair) by wrapping sections of hair around the curling rod, from root to tip, and securing it in place with the elastic.

After a good night's sleep, you can release the rod to find a wavy mane worthy of the most prestigious red carpets.

Note that this technique can be facilitated by using a clip to hold the rod in place before starting the braid, and it also requires you to sleep on your side.

Those who sleep on their back or stomach will find it tricky to use this method, which has already met with widespread acclaim on the Chinese social network. – AFP Relaxnews

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