The latest beauty trend involves the use of broccoli to create fake freckles...


Social media users are creating fake freckles with broccoli. Photo: AFP

Freckles have never been universally popular, but the advent of beauty filters seems to have changed all that.

Thanks to various apps, it's now possible to appear on social networks with multiple freckles, offering a sun-kissed effect to users who use (and abuse) such filters.

The result, as is often the case, is that people now also want to recreate the effect in real life, as many celebrities – such as Hailey Bieber, Meghan Markle and Emma Watson – have done.

In fact, the trend has quickly given rise to all manner of tricks designed to create fake freckles using makeup, henna and other cosmetics.

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Back in 2022, social media users were already sharing their many tricks for recreating these pigmented spots.

From pencil and liner to patches, cocoa powder, hair spray and even tattoo sessions (a controversial and dangerous practice), there are countless beauty hacks designed to give yourself freckles when and where you like.

Just as original, but absolutely harmless, the latest such hack is proving a hit with TikTok users, even though it might raise a smile.

Broccoli for beauty?

This unusual hack hails from one user (Abi’s Skincare), and it has already amassed almost two million views – quite the feat for a video that doesn't last more than 15 seconds.

Still, the creator uses a highly original item for her hack: broccoli, a vegetable that could soon be more popular in the bathroom than on plates.

The reason? This tree-like plant is endowed with tiny nubs that are perfect for recreating freckles.

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With that in mind, the rest is child's play. The video shows her taking a broccoli, delicately dipping it in a highly pigmented (and dark) bronzer, then applies the green vegetable to her cheekbones.

The result, it has to be said, is quite stunning, even if the process does involve a certain amount of food waste.

The hack quickly found a following on the Chinese social network and has now gone viral, racking up millions of views. – AFP Relaxnews

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