Did you know there is a sunscreen that protects your scalp?

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  • Monday, 18 Jul 2022

The scalp also needs to be protected from the sun when you're out in the blazing sun. Photo: AFP

We don't often think about it but our scalp is also exposed to the sun. And getting a sunburn on this part of the body can be very painful.

On TikTok, the subject has generated several videos, highlighting several solutions, including sunscreens in powder form.

So, don't be surprised if the person on the towel next to yours is powdering their hair at the beach. They're actually protecting themselves from getting a sunburn on their scalp.

It's a method that is creating a stir on TikTok. With more than two million views, the hashtag #powdersunscreen highlights a format of skin protection that could prove to be convenient for those spending time under the blazing sun: powder.

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Usually applied to the face to protect delicate facial skin from the dangers of the sun, this protection can also be used for the scalp, an area often forgotten by holidaymakers, according to this trend.

When we think of products for hair, we think of fragrant oils and mists, which smell good in the summer and help protect our locks from the ravages of heat or summer aggressions such as chlorine or sea salt.

But we rarely think about the risk of a potential sunburn to the scalp despite it being a very sensitive zone.

While it's sufficient to wear a hat or a cap to protect it, as soon as your head is uncovered, the danger is present. Sunburns in this area are particularly painful and difficult to soothe, which is why solutions exist to avoid them.

You can find this kind of specialised sun protection in the form of mist or powder. The mists contain an SPF and often also protect the hair from UV, offering double protection, which is useful.

Easy to apply, such mists may be a little easier to find and use than powder protections. However, be careful not to confuse them with the more common non-SPF hair mists on the market.

But over on the social networks, TikTok in particular, it's powdered sunscreen that appears to be the favourite.

Accompanied by a brush or an applicator pad, they are most commonly used on the face, but they are also useful for the scalp. Easy to apply, just sprinkle some powder on the roots.

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The only downside is that you need a large amount of powder to ensure effective protection.

However, the powder also has another advantage, which may explain why. TikTokers love it, as the beauty community there is fond of hacks that involve repurposing a product or 2-in-1 ideas for an item.

In addition to providing sun protection, the powder also helps absorb excess oil on the hair, acting like a dry shampoo. A significant asset for hair that tends to be oily.

Brands like Hawaiian Tropic, ILIA and Supergoop all carry powder sunscreen products. – AFP Relaxnews

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