Starchild: Why Malaysian kids think the world of their teachers

Asher Wang Qi Chuen, 5

Teachers Day is celebrated in many countries around the world to honour and appreciate teachers’ hard work and dedication. In Malaysia, it is celebrated annually on May 16.

Teachers play a vital role in shaping the minds and even the future of their students. They impart knowledge and act as role models, mentors, and guides to help students develop essential skills and values. In addition, teachers work tirelessly to create a nurturing environment where students learn, grow, and thrive.

Celebrating Teachers Day is an excellent opportunity for students to express their gratitude and appreciation for their teachers. It’s also a time to recognise teachers’ contributions to society and highlight the importance of education in building a better future for all.

Here’s what Starchild readers had to say on the topic, Teachers Day. We will publish the second batch of letters next week.

Chuah Seng Koon, 7Chuah Seng Koon, 7

Seven-year-old Chuah Seng Koon says Teachers Day is a day to show our appreciation and gratitude to teachers for their dedication, guidance, hard work and patience. “To celebrate Teachers Day, we must give them our best attitude. This is by behaving ourselves, being obedient and hardworking. On behalf of my peers, we wish all teachers Happy Teachers Day. Without you, we would not be in Year Two now. Thank you for making our lessons fun.”

Bryan Wong Jing Peng, 9Bryan Wong Jing Peng, 9

“My favourite kindergarten teacher is Teacher Cherie. She teaches me English and is very patient. I also love Teacher Tham, my Sport’s Day dance teacher. She likes to share jokes. Teacher Lee, who teaches me music, is kind too. I want to wish them a Happy Teachers Day,” writes five-year-old Asher Wang Qi Chuen.

Wong Jie Ern, 7Wong Jie Ern, 7

“The teacher that I love the most is Aunty Cheng. I like her because she is kind. She is old but still teaches us grammar. Now, my grammar has improved a lot because of her,” says Wong Jie Ern, seven.

Chan Xuan Hui, 12Chan Xuan Hui, 12

Chan Xuan Hui, 12, says her favourite Mrs Saw is cheerful and kind. “She has long, black hair. She has dark brown eyes. She likes to wear bracelet on her hands. Mrs Saw seldom scolds us. But, she dislikes students people interrupting her when she’s talking because she considers it impolite.”

Sandy Liew, 7Sandy Liew, 7

Seven-year-old Sandy Liew’s favourite teachers are Mr Chan, Ms Chan and Ms Cheng. “Mr Chan likes to wear a blue shirt to class everyday while Ms Chan loves jumpsuits. Ms Cheng wears blue dresses very often. Mr Chan is always happy when he sees us. Both Ms Chan and Ms Cheng are kind. Mr Chan teaches us computer lessons, Ms Chan teaches exercise while Ms Cheng teaches Science. I like them very much.”

Happy Teachers Day!Happy Teachers Day!

“My favourite teacher is Mr Joshua. He’s strict but kind. He teaches me Chinese and music. Mr Joshua likes to do art and writing. He has black eyes and black hair. He looks smart in his green and white shirt, tie and long black pants. I hope he will still be my teacher next year,” says Reynn Wong Ke Xin, 11.

Reynn Wong Ke Xin, 11Reynn Wong Ke Xin, 11

“My favourite teacher is Teacher Ooi. She likes wearing dresses. She is helpful and cheerful. She is always happy whenever she sees pupils in our school. Lastly, I hope my teacher will be happy everyday,” writes Beatrice Tah, 11.

Beatrice Tah, 11Beatrice Tah, 11

Jayden Tan Li Sheng, 11, writes: “I want to say Thank You to all my teachers, especially Ms Phung. I feel grateful and blessed to have her as my English teacher. Thank you for making our lessons so special and fun. She is the best teacher and is the favourite of most of my classmates too. She is a sweet and kind person. She inspires me to be a better person and I truly appreciate it.”

Jayden Tan Li Sheng, 11Jayden Tan Li Sheng, 11

ITEM: Children should eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables daily to stay healthy. Vegetables provide us with nutrients which are important for growth. Vegetable Day is celebrated in some countries overseas on June 17. What are some of your favourite vegetables? Tell us how Mum prepares your favourite vegetable dish.

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