StarChild: Malaysian children really love their ice creams!

Bethany Wang Qi Syuen, 8

Ice cream is a favourite treat that people – not just children – enjoy. This delicious dessert is made with cream, sugar, and flavouring. It can be served in a variety of forms, on cones, in cups, or on top of other desserts.

Ice cream comes in so many flavours and with many ingredients inside too, including fruit, nuts, and candy. Many ice cream manufacturers also offer low-fat and dairy-free options for those with dietary restrictions.

People love to eat ice cream for a many reasons. For some, it’s a way to cool off on a hot day; for others, it’s a special treat that brings back fond childhood memories. Of course, ice cream is also a popular at birthdays and weddings.

Here are the letters from Starchild readers on the topic, Ice Cream.

“Ice cream is my favourite dessert. I like vanilla and chocolate flavours the most. I prefer ice cream in a cone and soft-served. When it is scorching outside, I will eat popsicles or an ice lolly. It is always wonderful to enjoy it with my friends and cousins. For toppings, I enjoy with raisins and many colourful sprinkles,” writes Lim Sheng Hao, 10.

“My favourite ice cream flavour is Oreo. I like it because I can taste the sweetness and crunchiness of Oreo biscuits,” says Gilon Lee, seven.

Jayden Tan Li Sheng, 11Jayden Tan Li Sheng, 11

Jayden Tan Li Sheng, 11, writes, “My mother will buy ice cream as a reward if I have completed my school homework or done something good. I like chocolate flavoured ice cream the most. Mummy has taught me use popsicle moulds to make ice cream too.”

Gilon Lee, 7Gilon Lee, 7

“I love ice cream – those with chocolate coating are especially yummy. Recently, I tried fried ice cream, which was good too. Everyday, I wave at the ice cream man parked outside my sister’s school,” says Asher Wang Qi Chuen, five.

Asher Wang Qi Chuen, 5Asher Wang Qi Chuen, 5

Bethany Wang Qi Syuen, eight, enjoys ice cream in a cone, stick or cup. “Chocolate is usually my flavour of choice. I don’t really like mint flavour; the taste reminds me of toothpaste. I have fond memories of me and my brother buying ice cream from the ice cream man on a motorcycle at my grandparents’ house.”

Wong Jie Ern, 7Wong Jie Ern, 7

“Ice cream is so delicious and tasty. I love vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavours in a cone. I can choose my favourite flavour and rainbow sprinkle as my topping,” says Wong Jie Ern, seven.

Wong Cheng Yang, 9Wong Cheng Yang, 9

“I like ice cream in different flavours, like chocolate, vanilla and chocolate chip. It tastes sweet and cool. I like my ice cream in a cup and with colourful sprinkles as my topping,” says Wong Cheng Yang, nine.

“I like ice cream in a cup. My favourite is strawberry ice cream,” says Swetha Suresh Kumar, seven.

Swetha Suresh Kumar, 7Swetha Suresh Kumar, 7

Low Ying Xi, 10, thinks ice cream is one of the best desserts in the world. “Many people love ice cream as it is cold and sweet. There are many flavours like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and matcha. I prefer vanilla. It is always nice to eat ice cream when the weather is hot.”

Nur Medina Zinnirah Mohd Azwan, 5Nur Medina Zinnirah Mohd Azwan, 5

“My imagination ice cream would be chocolate, strawberry and vanilla mixed together and placed on a crispy cone. Then, I would add chocolate and strawberry sauce. There should be plenty of whipped cream on top of the sauce. To make my ice cream special, I would place a fresh ripe strawberry on top,” says Chuah Seng Koon, seven.

“I love ice cream with a cone. Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry are my favourite flavours! Don’t forget the sprinkles too,” says Nur Medina Zinnirah Mohd Azwan, five.

Lim Sheng Hao, 10Lim Sheng Hao, 10

“My favourite ice cream flavour is durian. Ice cream is cooling and refreshing,” says Chia Yee Fern, 12.

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