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Chloe Frazer

Part of the appeal of the Uncharted games is that it features a list of characters that appear in most of the games

Unlike Tomb Raider games, where there are very few memorable or recurring characters apart from protaganist Lara Croft, the Uncharted series has a whole list of side characters that have become fan favourites and appear in more than one game. Since Nathan Drake ties all the other characters together, we've also included a short biography on him.

Nathan Drake
Nate believes he is a descendant of Sir Francis Drake.

Nathan Drake

Adventurer, tomb raider or student of history, Nathan Drake has been in the business of collecting artefacts since he was a teenager.

Although he rarely talks about his early history, we do know that Nathan and his brother Sam were orphaned as teenagers and have spent a lot of time in various orphanages.

At some point during his teenage years, Nathan meets his mentor and surrogate father Victor Sullivan and they team up.

Nate, as his friends call him, claims to be a descendant of Sir Francis Drake and wears Drake’s ring on his neck with the words “Sic Parvis Magna” (greatness from small beginnings) inscribed on it.

Sam Drake
Sam was obsessed with finding the treasure of pirate captain Henry Avery.

Sam Drake

Put into an orphanage with his brother Nathan by their father when their mother died, Sam soon developed a taste for adventure and was obsessed with finding the treasure of pirate captain Henry Avery.

After leaving the orphanage, Sam supported himself with a legitimate job and eventually breaks Nathan out of the orphanage. They then end up going on treasure hunting expeditions together.

On one such treasure hunting trip, Sam is shot by jailers and Nathan leaves him behind, believing him to be dead.

However, Sam actually recovers but ends up in jail for 15 years before getting out and searching for his brother again.

Sam and Nathan are reunited when Sam tracks him down to resume their search for Henry Avery's treasure.

Elena Fisher
Fisher helped finance Nathan’s journey to recover the coffin of Sir Francis Drake

Elena Fisher

Elena Fisher shares the same love of adventuring as Nathan, but instead of collecting treasures, Elena is an investigative journalist who is not afraid to travel to war torn countries in search of a story.

Elena first meets Nathan when filming an archaeology show for a cable network. She helped finance Nathan’s expedition to recover the coffin of Sir Francis Drake off the coast of Panama.

While on the trail of mercenary Zoran Lazarevic, Elena once again crosses paths with Nathan in Nepal when he goes looking for the Cintamani stone.

Although Elena and Nathan eventually get married, their relationship has been on-again, off-again over the years because each has opted to pursue their careers.

However, Elena and Nathan eventually settle down to a married life after the events that led them both to discover the Atlantis of the Sands in Yemen.

Victor Sullivan
Sullivan is a thief and treasure hunter.

Victor Sullivan

Victor “Sully” Sullivan is the classic rogue. A freelance thief and treasure hunter, Victor takes contracts from paying customers to steal treasures and other valuable objects.

Sully crosses paths with a teenage Nathan in Colombia, South America when trying to steal Sir Francis Drake’s ring and astrolabe from a museum.

After saving Nathan from thugs, the two strike up a friendship and Sully takes on the responsibility of raising Nate while they carry on their treasure hunting business.

Chloe Frazer
Chloe is good at fistfights and gunfights.

Chloe Frazer

Hailing from Australia, Chloe Frazer is one of Nathan’s love interests and occasional treasure hunting partner.

While morally ambiguous, Chloe is a valuable asset on expeditions because she can hold her own in fistfights and gunfights.

Chloe crosses paths with Nathan a few times, most notably during the search for the Cintamani stone in Nepal and also in Syria when Nathan was in search of the Atlantis of the Sands.

Chloe and Nathan have had a rocky relationship but she bows out of the picture when she realises that Nathan is in love with Elena.

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