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Masdora owner and founder Poon Wai Kit said TikTok Shop has significantly broadened the brand’s customer base.

WHEN the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Poon Wai Kit launched Masdora – a premium gold jewellery brand that produces a range of high-quality gold jewellery including wedding rings, bracelets, and an assortment of fashion accessories.

Poon's decision to establish an online shop was initially met with ridicule, as many doubted the feasibility of selling premium items like gold jewellery online.

Despite all that, Poon recognised online retail as the only means to introduce Masdora's new, unique products to a broader audience.

Today, Masdora has earned a reputation as one of the leading local enterprises with exceptional online sales performance. Joining TikTok Shop in August 2022 has only further accelerated the company’s growth.

Since TikTok Shop entered the Malaysian market last year, the platform has grown to host over one million sellers.

Like Masdora, 98% of these sellers are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), mirroring the platform's inclusivity in offering a level playing field for business owners, regardless of their background, location, or skillset.

Despite initial challenges of navigating the platform, Masdora quickly adapted, leveraging resources like the TikTok Shop Academy to grasp the platform's intricacies.

Masdora also stands as a testament to TikTok Shop's stringent Products Guidelines and Policies.

As an invite-only seller for jewellery, Masdora complies with TikTok Shop’s Qualification Center requirements, meaning it has to submit certificates, testing reports, product, and packaging images, ensuring strict adherence to the platform’s guidelines in order to operate on the platform.

TikTok Shop’s robust measures also include prohibiting the sale of precious metals lacking proper stamps or inaccurate weight measurements, prioritising user safety.

“TikTok Shop has significantly broadened Masdora's customer base by exposing us to adiverse range of potential buyers through collaborations with creators,” said Poon.

One significant collaboration was with fellow creator @tangsiewsiang. Affectionately known as Uncle Siang, this TikTok creator is renowned for his demonstration videos and valuable insights to help audiences get the most out of the items they choose to buy.

For Masdora, TikTok Shop’s live sessions are incredibly effective.For Masdora, TikTok Shop’s live sessions are incredibly effective.

This collaboration, said Poon, marked Masdora’s first major success in the brand’s TikTok Shop journey, and opened the door to more successful partnerships with various other creators.

Over time, Masdora’s store became increasingly popular, earning them several accolades from TikTok Shop, including Top Fashion Seller at the 12.12 Year End Carnival 2022, Top Fashion Accessories Seller at the 9.9 Shopping Fiesta 2023, and Top Fashion Seller at the October Super Sales 2023.

Masdora also clinched the award for Best Rising Star for Fashion Category at the TikTok Shop Summit 2023.

In addition to TikTok Shop’s recognition, Masdora was also awarded The Star’s Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA) for two consecutive years, for Best in Marketing in 2021 and Best in E-Retail in 2022.

“These achievements reinforce our belief that targets and milestones are indeed attainable on the platform,” noted Poon.

Another turning point came when Masdora discovered Shoppertainment on TikTok Shop.

This unique approach introduces a distinctive and elevated shopping experience to the platform’s audience by facilitating interactions through video content and TikTok live sessions, fostering meaningful connections among users, sellers, and creators.

“Our experience has taught us that TikTok LIVE sessions are the most effective way to

engage with TikTok Shop's audience.

“Livestreams save customers time and energy since they can shop in real-time without visiting a physical store,” said Poon, who conducts livestreams on the platform for at least eight hours a day.

For Poon and his team, having a dedicated account manager from TikTok Shop has also aided Masdora’s success.

Masdora sells international-grade high-quality gold and diamond-laced jewellery and accessories.Masdora sells international-grade high-quality gold and diamond-laced jewellery and accessories.

“They provided us with valuable opportunities for enhancement, offering additional

promotion and guidance throughout our journey,” he added.

Masdora gained 13,900 followers within a week after participating in TikTok Shop's Brand Day in February, and exceeded its initial targets by an impressive 185 % during the platform’s Happy Big Day 6.6 campaign this year.

This was achieved by launching new products, driving engagement through giveaways, and collaboration with creators via the TikTok Shop Affiliate Program to boost their brand even further.

For brands like Masdora, TikTok Shop has been a transformative force in empowering local entrepreneurs in the digital business landscape, doing more than boosting sales or creating a space for interaction with audiences, sellers, and creators.

“TikTok Shop has also benefited communities by establishing a secure shopping environment,” said Poon, adding that using the platform minimises the risks of scams and ensures trustable sources, as it prioritises the protection of both sellers and buyers at all times.

“As creators and sellers on TikTok Shop, our aspirations revolve around promoting balanced and ethical buying and selling behaviours,” explained Poon, noting that Masdora is looking forward to their next milestone on the dynamic platform.

To find out more about TikTok Shop head to or click here to onboard as a seller.

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