Be blown away with KDK's new ceiling fans

KDK’s K14XF and K14KF ceiling fans come with sleep mode functions that create optimal sleeping environments. Image: 123RF

Let KDK’s elegant K14XF and K14KF ceiling fans spin safely in your space

CEILING fans have long been considered a quintessential feature of Malaysian homes. In this sweltering tropical heat, ceiling fans have been the most effective way of staying cool and circulating air, all while keeping the electricity bills low.

Over the century, Kawakita Denki Kigyosha (KDK) – a pioneer in electric fans since 1909, has upped the ante on electric fan technology, producing ceiling fans that are energy-efficient, intuitive, versatile, affordable and safe.

Recently, the brand unveiled their K14XF and K14KF series.

These latest remote-controlled ceiling fans,which are rated 5 star on the Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) ratings, incorporate ground-breaking technologies that are redefining the standard of ceiling fans for homes.

Both models sport 140cm, metal 3-blade fans with innovative designs to strengthen the blades by efficiently distributing stress across their structure.

Ceiling fans are subject to various stresses, such as centrifugal force, bending, and vibrations, which can cause deformation or cracking over time, ultimately leading to fan failure.

The use of the right materials and design can reduce stress on ceiling fan blades, significantly bolstering their durability, performance, and safety.

Cool convenience

The K14KF model comes in black and grey for cool, contemporary interiors. The K14KF model comes in black and grey for cool, contemporary interiors.

The K14XF and K14KF models also boast user-friendly functionality.

Timers, now standard in modern ceiling fans, enable automated operations to suit personal schedules and energy conservation. With a 3-speed control via remote on both models, users can easily adjust settings for comfort.

These brand new ceiling fans also come with 1-, 3-, and 6-hour Off Timer, along with the 3- and 6-hour Sleep Mode.

The Sleep Mode function is a standout, as it optimises pre-sleep cooling and enhances energy efficiency as the timer gradually reduces the fan's speed before shutting it off completely. This feature not only creates an optimal sleeping environment, but also enhances cost-effectiveness.

Intuitive innovation

Both K14XF and KF14KF are not just about aesthetics and convenience – both fans are also a powerhouse in terms of performance.

With an alternative current (AC) motor delivering 65W power and spinning at 257 RPM, it achieves an air velocity and delivery of 159 and 210, respectively.

The K14XF’s dimensions have a height of 361.5mm, while its counterpart K14KF sits at 242 mm height, both designed specifically for residential use.

Their sleek design in two colour options - black and grey, allow users to elevate their space with contemporary elegance, be it in the bedroom or in other parts of the house.

Safety first

The K14XF is priced between RM285 to RM293.The K14XF is priced between RM285 to RM293.

The potential issues from improper installation or wear and tear can lead to various dangers; safety takes precedence in the design of both models, as with all of KDK fans.

If the shaft or bolt is damaged due to installation issues, the fan might wobble abnormally, risking a potential breakage that could cause significant harm while in operation.

Additionally, improper installation, worn-out blades, or external forces like strong winds may lead to the detachment of the fan blade from the motor, posing a hazard.

With both K14XF and KF14KF models, safety mechanisms like the cut-off switch halts the fan's operation in the event of excessive wobbling, minimising the risk of further damage or accidents.

While the fan is in operation, a defective blade will be easily noticeable as it hangs securely with the assistance of a safety plate or hook. This visual indicator serves as a preventive measure, allowing users to identify and address the issue promptly.

Another safety measure includes a thermal fuse that activates before the motor overheats, mitigating risks associated with sudden current surges or motor abnormalities.

The innovative, user-friendly features of both the K14KF and K14XF make them more than just a ceiling fan – it's a testament to innovation, safety, and user-centric design, offering not just comfort but peace of mind.

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