LG Styler: A smart wardrobe that sanitises your clothes

IN this day and time with the pandemic ravaging the world, it has become a necessity to ensure the things around us are adequately sanitised and kept as clean as possible to ward off Covid-19.

There is now an increased demand for hygiene solutions, especially when it comes to things we touch and use frequently.

One item we use daily is our clothing.

Though we wash it daily and keep our clothes as clean as possible, once the laundry is folded and kept in the wardrobe, it is then exposed to the air and any possible microscopic airborne particles.

With this in mind, LG Electronics has unveiled its smart solution – the LG Styler, a smart wardrobe featuring the latest technology that effectively sanitises fabrics and other items that are difficult or impossible to wash.

This nifty appliance comes with the TrueSteam feature that keeps your clothes and fabric safe by reducing over 99.9% virus, bacteria and allergens.

Without any chemicals, TrueSteam employed in LG Styler is able to effectively kill germs by heating water to 100 degrees Celsius and using the steam to eliminate bacteria and allergens from pet hairs, dead skin cells and mold in clothes, bedding, sportswear and even children’s plush toys.

LG’s TrueSteam not only removes 99.9% of allergens but also the residue left by dead allergens.

For your peace of mind, it is also endorsed by BAF, VDE and Intertek.

Caring for your clothes has never been easier.Caring for your clothes has never been easier.

Now, caring for your clothes has never been easier. Just at the touch of a button, TrueSteam with pure water and its patented Moving Hanger help reduce allergens and shake off odour in your clothes. Refreshing your clothes to make a lasting impression is as easy and as fast as just 20 minutes.

When it comes to maintaining your clothes in as good a condition as possible, how you dry them also plays a major part.

Conventional drying methods such as hanging your clothes out to air-dry may result in dampness when you take the clothes back in.

Using a dryer run the risk of shrinkage and your more delicate clothing may even lose their shape.

With the LG Styler’s low-temperature drying system, these issues are now in the past. It can dry clothing faster than air-drying, and gently dries clothes that require special care. You can look forward to only fresh, pristine clothes – clean and dry as they were meant to be.

The drying feature also serves as a powerful dehumidifier with the ability to extract up to 10 litres of water per 24 hours.

The LG Styler allows you to take professional-level care of your clothes at home. You need not send your special care clothes to the dry-cleaners anymore, which equates to savings in money and time.

As an added bonus, you can now wear whichever outfit you want at any time without having to drop by at the dry-cleaner to pick it up.

With LG ThinQ technology, the LG Styler allows you to operate or monitor your precious garments from anywhere, anytime.

You can control track energy consumption or use Cycle Download to add newly developed care cycles with this feature, which gives you more control over your laundry.

Using the LG Styler also means being kind to the environment. Its TrueSteam technology uses only water and no chemicals. Also, the heat pump system uses less energy to dry – translating to energy savings.

The LG Styler is indeed an appliance for the times, as it empowers you to fully take charge of your laundry, right up to the drying stage.

With its ability to sanitise your clothes, you have peace of mind knowing that something that is in constant direct contact with your skin is hygienic and safe.

The all-new LG Styler comes in two variations: mirror finished and white to fit in the interior design of your bedroom, laundry room or dressing room.

The LG Styler is now available for pre-order from July 17-31, 2021. Exclusive free gift worth RM3,300 with any purchase await, so wait no more.

You can find out more about the LG Styler and how to get it here.

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