Cut out that power-sapping slice with a tip from the pros

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  • Sunday, 17 Sep 2023

Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy at the top, with a full rotation of the body that allows you to properly load your right side for power. — Reuters

NO amateur player can say he or she hasn’t sliced a golf shot. In fact, the high slice is the most common miss among amateur players.

This shot costs you distance and control, and more frustratingly of all, you don’t know why you do it. Yet, even for those who regularly slice the ball, don’t despair.

One or two drills can help you eliminate this miss.

These fixes are designed to give you the feeling in your swing that allows you to hit a straighter and more powerful flight next time you’re out on the course and playing under pressure.

Full turn

A full rotation of the body on the way back allows you to properly load your right side for power. Anything short of this makes you more likely to throw your hands at the ball and come ‘over the top’. Imagine your clubhead has to break through a pane of glass at the top of your swing.

On your heels

Most of those who slice the ball have their weight too much towards their toes, creating a swing that is too steep. A great way to flatten out that swing plane is to place a ball under your back foot. This encourages you to move the club further behind you in the backswing, making it easier to swing from the inside.

Arms close

A big gap between your arms and your body on the first move back will likely result in a steep angle of attack coming from the outside back into the ball, causing you to cut across it. Focus on keeping your arms close to your body during the takeaway to avoid this.

Right foot out

A reverse pivot is another slice cause. This is where you favour your lead side during the backswing and your back side in the through swing. It should be the other way around. Turning your back foot out will make it easier for you to load your right side (right-handers) on the way back.

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