Delivery service hindered by red tape

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  • Wednesday, 08 May 2019

I ABSOLUTELY agree with Loh Jia Min’s view “Delivery by Pos Laju needs to be improved” (The Star, April 17). I too cringed when I saw the red slip from Pos Laju stating that an attempt had been made to deliver a package but no one was around to receive it. While reading the red slip, I noticed that I could call a hotline to reschedule the delivery to another date. I called the number and after verifying all the necessary particulars, I asked that the package be delivered to me on a Saturday. But this particular branch in Puchong apparently does not operate on weekends. When I told the operator that I am only available on weekends and asked for other possible options, he kept silent. Feeling annoyed with the lack of assistance, I asked if he expected me to take leave just to collect the package, to which he agreed. That really takes the top spot for incompetence and lousy customer service on my list. I am not sure what Pos Laju or Pos Malaysia employees do but the rest of the working population do not have the luxury of taking leave just to collect a package.

Knowing that there is another Pos Laju branch in Puchong that is open from 8.30am to 8pm, I asked for my package to be sent there. The request was instantly denied, the reason being they cannot move the package because it is a registered item. It is totally absurd and ridiculous that an item cannot be transferred to another branch less than 5km away because it is registered.

Pos Laju is still riddled with unnecessary red tape that prevents it from providing more efficient service to customers. No wonder so many people are complaining about it.




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