Delivery by PosLaju needs to be improved

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  • Wednesday, 17 Apr 2019

RECENTLY, I ordered an item online which was to be shipped by PosLaju. When I arrived home a few days later, I saw the “dreaded” slip from PosLaju stating that an attempt had been made to deliver the package but no one was around to receive it. I say dreaded because it’s not the first time this has happened to me.

Why can’t the PosLaju personnel call before delivering the package? Most courier services send a text message or call the customer to provide the estimated time of delivery to ensure that someone is around to receive the package.

I called the PosLaju customer service to track down the delivery person, only to be told that it does not have direct contact with its courier personnel. I feel the delivery personnel should leave their contact number on the notification slip so that customers could call them. As it was, I could only call after 6.30pm to ask where my package was.

This management and operational method is completely bizarre and impractical in this day and age. Where businesses everywhere are improving on customer service, PosLaju seems to have this lackadaisical attitude where the aim is to just perform the basic duties and efficiency is not a matter for concern.

With simple enhancements to its communication and logistical procedures, PosLaju could reduce the chances of unreachable parcels and save everyone’s time. Please, let us put more seriousness into our work and make Malaysia a better place.


Kuala Lumpur


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