Colours Of China

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Colours of China

When a hush falls upon Beijing

For a few days, students sitting for gaokao are treated like princes and princesses.

Colours of China

The forbidden subject at Chinese varsities

Many students see nothing wrong with dating and falling in love but parents and college administrations are trying to thwart these budding romances.

Colours of China

What’s in it for the man on the street?

Chinese citizens are responding to the Belt and Road initiative, and pitched in recently for the international forum.

Colours of China

City of lights and regional cuisines

The Belt and Road Forum was a feast for the eyes and tastebuds, as well as the mind.

Colours of China

Graduates put their best face forward

As they enter a job market flooded with highly qualified applicants, young Chinese believe that good looks will give them an edge.

Colours of China

Bikes are back in Beijing

Initially edged out by automobiles, pedal power is on the rise again, thanks to bicycle sharing.

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