MyPPP denies splitting with BN

PETALING JAYA: MyPPP is not cutting ties with Barisan Nasional as claimed by its former president, said the party's deputy secretary-general Datuk Simon Sabapathy (pic).  

He said that former MyPPP president Tan Sri M. Kayveas does not have the authority to make decisions as he was sacked by the party.  

Simon was responding to reports saying that Kayveas reached the decision to leave Barisan after the Registrar of Societies (RoS) confirmed that he is still a valid president of MyPPP.  

However, Simon said that Kayveas claim to still be president is not true.  

"He was informed of the sacking. He had 14 days to appeal the sacking, but he never appealed," Simon told The Star on Saturday (May 19) night.  

Simon added that a press conference was held on April 25 to inform the public of Kayveas' sacking, and that the RoS has been informed of the sacking.  

According to MyPPP's constitution, in the absence of a president, the senior vice-president will assume the role of the acting president.  

In this case, Simon said the acting president is Datuk Maglin D’Cruz.  

He added that Kayveas would not have the authority to declare that MyPPP is leaving Barisan even if he was the party president.  

"Kayveas cannot unilaterally make such a big decision without consulting the supreme council," he said.  

Simon says that MyPPP is currently consulting with lawyers, and it plans to take an injunction against Kayveas for confusing members by declaring himself as party president.  

"He is not only misleading members, but he is also misleading the public," Simon said.  

When asked if the current leadership plans to stay with Barisan, Simon said that such a decision will be decided at the party's general assembly which is expected to be held "soon".

"It is a big decision. We need to know what the members feel about it and have the members decide collectively in a vote. It is not for Kayveas to decide," he said.


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