Prabakaran elected as youngest ever parliamentarian

Batu Independent candidate P. Prabakaran has been elected as the country's youngest parliamentarian.

The 22-year-old law student made history when he beat Barisan Nasional candidate Datuk Dr Dominic Lau by a 24,383 votes majority.

The victory also saw him erasing the record held by caretaker Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak for 42 years.

Prabakaran fought in a four-corner fight, Lau, who is also Gerakan vice president, secured 13,687 votes while Batu PAS chief Azhar Yahya bagged 10,610 votes.

Another Independent candidate Datuk Panjamorthy Muthusamy only managed to get 383 votes.

Prabakaran, who was endorsed by PKR after its incumbent Tian Chua was disqualified to contest, said he was glad that the Batu voters had voted for him.

"I will be the voice of the Batu people. I will not abandon them or jump ship. I will be sincere to PKR " he said.

GE14 , P Prabakaran