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    18-month-old dies under care of babysitter

    IPOH: An 18-month-old toddler, believed to be a victim of negligence while in the babysitter’s care in Taman Kuala Kangsar, has died at the Kuala Kangsar Hospital.

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    MCA Youth: Govt must explain new imported used car tax

    PETALING JAYA: MCA Youth has hit out at the Pakatan Harapan government for imposing a new tax on imported used cars.

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    Care for your thyroid

    THE thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped organ perched on top of the trachea (windpipe).

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    CFM to help set up meet with PM

    PETALING JAYA: The Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) will help the families of Pastor Raymond Koh and activist Amri Che Mat, whose whereabouts are still a mystery, to secure a meeting with the Prime Minister.

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    Driver in a corner over loans

    JOHOR BARU: A driver, who borrowed money from loan sharks to celebrate Hari Raya four years ago, is now struggling to repay his loans which have snowballed to 10 times the original amount.

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    Liew: I have nothing to do with removal of STB’s general manager

    KOTA KINABALU: Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Christina Liew has denied accusations that the sudden removal of Sabah Tourism Board (STB) general manager Suzaini Sabdin Ghani was politically motivated or that she was involved in her dismissal.

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    ‘Johor govt will help poor with housing’

    JOHOR BARU: The state government is open to negotiation and will help residents of People’s Housing Projects (PPR) and the government rented homes’ programme, Rumah Sewa Kerajaan (RSK), in settling their rental arrears.

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    Students’ brutal fight caught on video

    LABUAN: It was like the Fight Club for a vocational student here who turned a recreational college lake into a kick boxing ring.

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    Set for a vital role at BRI Summit

    PRIME Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s trip to Beijing next week to participate in the Belt and Road Summit and Forum will be followed closely not only by Malaysians and Chinese nationals, but also the international community.

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    Only for ‘naughty girls’

    SOUTH Korea is set to legalise abortion after a decades-long ban was struck down, but women’s rights campaigners have warned those who undergo the procedure will still be “punished in the eyes of society”.

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    Misplaced moralisingin a multipolar world

    AL-JAZEERA columnist Belen Fernandez wrote an article arguing that the intense outpouring of grief and emotion at the burning of the cathedral of Notre Dame – an inanimate object – was “misplaced”, compared to the suffering of tens or hundreds of thousands of human beings around the world.

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    Too little, too late

    TAKE it or leave it.

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    Forced surgery before ‘I do’

    FOR Tacaquito Usui to marry his partner, Japanese law first requires him to undergo sterilisation surgery and be diagnosed with a mental disorder because he is transgender. Usui, who lives with his partner and stepson after coming out as trans five years ago, lost a three-year legal bid to change the rules in January.


Usui: ‘For my family, maybe one option is going to another country to live.’ - AP
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    Future developments must be balanced with greenery, says minister

    THERE’S a need for more green spaces in Malaysia’s rapidly developing urban

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    Grassroots, a village fund and the Javanese identity

    MUHAMMAD Rofiqul A’la is a jovial and portly thirty-nine year old farmer and kyai (or ustaz) from Jember in the densely populated province of East Java. Kiyai Rofiq as he’s called in his village is also part of the reason that Joko Widodo (or Jokowi) was able to surprise Indonesians and the world, in last week’s Presidential elections.

    Quintessentially grassroots: Kyai rofiq is earthy, practical and full of jokes and homilies, most of which he delivers with a chortle. — photos by Team Ceritalah
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    Who is Terry Gou?

    FOXCONN billionaire founder Terry Gou’s surprise announcement Wednesday that he plans to run for president of Taiwan after being urged to do so by a sea

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    How deep is the state?

    THE Rome Statute has been explained until only two kinds of people can now insist it is “incompatible” with the Malaysian Constitution: the wilful fool and the rabble-rouser with undeclared political interests.

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    Ending political divide in society – Indonesian style

    ON Wednesday, Indonesia managed to pull off the world’s most complex and largest single-day elections, involving 192 million voters, with only minor glitches and negligible fraud. The turnout was over 80%, and voters behaved in an admirable way by casting their decisive votes before moving on with their holiday plans .

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    Neurologist shortage hampering stroke treatments

    GEORGE TOWN: Malaysia is facing a shortage of neurologists and this is hampering the effort to treat stroke patients whose number is on the rise.

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    Ipoh mayor to be replaced

    IPOH: A new Ipoh Datuk Bandar is set to be appointed soon after the last one was removed for going absent without leave for months as he is said to be ill.